BUG: music do not stop and two music plays together

OK I started to experience problem with sounds and music in the portal…first below where is the preview of the soud the volume stoped working.if I tes the sounds it plays always on 100% volume even I fully pull it to side.

And now I started to have problem with music in the script itself.

Music do not stop after new music starts so I hear both music together and the first music do not react even when I put to the script music off or volume music 0 0…it stps from itself within like minute or two and than only the new music plays…

Even I believed it is not possible at all to play 2 music together…

Have any of you ever experienced this?
I have deleted cookies from the broviser in case the problem is caused by this but it is still there.

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That is really weird… I bet it’s not like that for readers once you publish though. Have you tried using the music off command in your script?

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