Bug Report! Overlay's not working correctly on mobile preview

Hello everyone! I’m currently writing a story called Shadow, where I use lots and lots of overlays! But I don’t know why, the mobile app preview is not working correctly, it makes the overlay change positions, or even fixate on the screen! In the Writers Portal website it works perfectly! I don’t know what’s happening, if it’s a bug, but I verified to see if there was any mistake I’ve made, but I couldn’t find nothing. I’m scared that when I publish the story, the bugs will remain in the online version. I don’t know what to do!! :pleading_face: :sleepy:

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Awww try not to panic. That’s really odd and I would highly recommend sending a ticket to the Episode team. They should be able to help you if it’s a bug or something


Thank you! How do I send them a ticket tho? lol

No problem and just email them about what’s going with you

I’m reading blood bath and it ask the option of supporting the author I choose that option but won’t let me go back to the Story

I can’t get that off the screen it keeps asking to support a few more gems and the message won’t leave off the screen HELP!!!