Bug: VIP still not resolved and now the 7 days have passed

We all know that there has been an issue with the vip and that we got 7 days for it to be fixed. However, my 7 days just ran out and it doesn’t look like it has been fixed on my app yet.

I did, however, just get charged for another month on the 8th. Has this been fixed for anybody else, or?


Same here, just gone to read a story and it’s making watch the ads and I have 9 tickets available. I subscribed to VIP Amethyst and that doesn’t run out until the 4th of March. So my unlimited reading has now gone again!


Okay, I guess it hasn’t been fixed yet then. I wish they would give us another update on it, so we know what’s next or when they’ll fix it :woman_shrugging:

Mine seems to be working again, however… I had VIP Amethyst… but they’ve switched me to VIP Sapphire, wtf?! I never approved of this!

I paid for Amethyst, I expect Amethyst!


I know I keep waiting for an update on it. They had put the unlimited reading on about a week ago and about 2 hours ago mine went back to tickets & having to use gems to not watch ads which is very annoying. Especially when we’ve paid for a certain VIP subscription and we’re still waiting for it to be fixed having to use gems I didn’t want to use and I’m limited to reads.

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I have sapphire to and want amethyst. Had unlimited passes for so many years to get booted to sapphire. I’m so upset about it. I put in a ticket and all I get is “We can’t change reccuring subscriptions, only apple can change that” :neutral_face::thinking:. How does apple control that? :woman_facepalming:t5::joy:. I’m so disappointed


Same my Amethyst VIP bug also has not been resolved. At first I thought it was resolved, but the 7 days pass free and ad free are just the compensation “gift” for the error. Hopefully Episode can provide us with the solution soon, it is affecting the whole experience :weary:

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It’s not even a gift, we paid money to have that in the first place. I got gems as a gift but I rarely use them hence paying for the monthly sub for VIP amethyst :weary: once I run out of tickets again I won’t be able to read until there refilled which is why I pay the sub. They need to compensate by giving people there money back for the amount of time they haven’t had there actually subscription which they pay for. Or put the free passes and no ads back on not just for 7 days but till it’s actually sorted.


I was charged but yet can’t get access to it for another month! They should of made the unlimited pass longer than a week

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Yeah mine still wants me to purchase vip, even those my sub ends feb 23 :roll_eyes:

That’s what mines doing too, paid for a sub for no reason. They need to put the free passes & no ads till it’s fixed or give us money back


I agree! We should be able to use the service that we’re paying for.


Exactly, either give us the free passes again and no ads till it’s fixed or our money back. We’ve paid for a sub that we can’t even use at the moment. We’ve not even had an update on why it’s still not working.


Mine started working again but then last night it randomly stopped but my subscriptions still say I’m subscribed to amethyst. Also my subscription just got renewed on the 7th. So annoying!

I paid for VIP when the VIP was not working and it took my money but didn’t give me VIP!!!

I have Amethyst my subscription renewed on the 4th, obviously they gifted us gems and free passes for 7 days whilst it was being fixed but that’s ran out now so having to use tickets and use the gems that were gifted to skip the annoying ads. Still haven’t had an update on what’s going on. They should just give us our money back or put the free passes on until they’ve actually fixed and maybe start updated people on what’s actually going on instead of ignoring us.


If you are experiencing this bug still, please send in a ticket, so they can get a grasp on how many are still affected :hugs: (and hopefully fix it for us)

For your issue did you get the gift from episode community.

I got 30 passes and 100 gems

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