Bug with overlays

I have a weird problem with my overlays where they’re not showing up in the spot where they’re supposed to. For example, in the code, I have an overlay that is supposed to ‘shifts to -361 -4’. But when I look at it in the app, it says that it ‘shifts to -675 9’.

I have no idea why it does this or what’s going on and I’ve been searching for a solution, but I can’t find one.

Could you post the coding of the overlay please

Are you in zone 2 or 3?
You’ll always need to add the zone to your shifts command if you’re not in zone 1 (e.g @overlay OVERLAY shifts to -361 -4 in zone 2).
If it’s not that, maybe post a photo of your script? I personally haven’t had any glitches with overlays recently.

@transition fade out 2.0
&overlay TABLE_WITH_WINE shifts to -361 -4
&overlay TABLE_WITH_WINE scales to 0.786 0.786
&overlay TABLE_WITH_ BREAD shifts to -225 -57
&overlay TABLE_WITH_ BREAD scales to 0.572 0.572
&overlay TABLE_WITH_ROSES shifts to 366 084 in zone 3
&overlay TABLE_WITH_ROSES scales to 0.762 0.762
&overlay TABLE_WITH_CANDLE shifts to 228 -90 in zone 3
&overlay TABLE_WITH_CANDLE scales to 0.701 0.701
&cut to zone 2
&HARMONY spot 1.164 159 -131 in zone 2 AND HARMONY is sleep_sit_neutral_loop
@transition fade in black
@zoom on 566 0 to 224% in 2

^ There you go.

Yeah, I added that (except for the ones in zone 1), but it’s still not working.

Try this:
INT. ROYALBATH with TABLE_WITH_BREAD to .572 -225 -57 in zone 1 with TABLE_WITH_CANDLE to to .701 228 -90 in zone 3 with TABLE_WITH_ROSES to .762 366 084 ??- I think this could give you an issue? I’m guessing this is supposed to be 84 in zone 3 with TABLE_WITH_WINE to .786 -361 -4 in zone 1

Since you’ve already added them to the background, it might be neater if you add the commands there too. Also- that table_with_roses spot looks a bit off (084).
Also when you place them, make sure you’re in the actual zone (like don’t just zoom out from zone 1, adjust an overlay in zone 3 and say it’s in zone 3 if that makes sense).

Okay, I tried it, but it still is making the same mistake. The overlays aren’t going to where the script tells them to go, they’re just going off screen for some reason.

Are you in the correct zone when you place them? Like are you actually in zone 3? Or are you zooming out. Are any of them in the right spot?

Because I literally have a scene with 40 overlays in it right now and none of them are glitching :woman_shrugging:t4: but of course, not everyone gets all the glitches lol so there very well could be an issue with your device but it’s usually a coding issue.

I don’t understand what you mean by zooming out though.

They’re in the right spot when I place it in the app, it just suddenly changes.