Bugged banner blocking my view

This has been ongoing for the last month or so, but when I open the mobile app (iphone SE 2016, OS 15.7.8) there is a banner that won’t go away that says “test placeholder”. The last couple of days it will start to show up after the popups immediately after I open the app (super passes, special offers). It’s made the app unusable, any advice is appreciated :blush:

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Did you try swiping up? Or turn off your phone and then turn on? Usually this helps with such things

I have tried turning it off and on with no luck. I also just tried swiping up, which didn’t work, but thanks for the idea, I hadn’t thought of that.

Maybe you should report this issue to episode somehow? idk how to do but but I know there’s a way to report issues with the app

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Support Ticket:


I have this too and it’s so damn annoying, I tend to ignore it but if you open up the rewards section or your book club chat, it goes away and comes back when the app is refreshed :sweat_smile: