Bugs or Script Error?

Hiya everyone!
I’m currently writing a story, but I’m encountering two different kinds of bugs (?) that has gotten really annoying now. I’m actually not too sure if it’s a bug or a script error so if you know, please tell me!

BUG #1


&ARYA spot 1.010 214 109 in zone 2 AND ARYA faces right AND ARYA is idle_phone_neutral_loop
&zoom reset
@transition fade in black 1

@pan to zone 2
@pan to zone 3
@pan to zone 2

@FMC enters from left to screen left
@FMC is think_rubchin
&FMC walks to spot 1.080 118 104 in zone 2 in 3
@zoom on 488 389 to 155% in 3 using easein
&ARYA is react_startled_surprised THEN ARYA faces left AND ARYA is idle_handsonhips_neutral_loop

        FMC (talk_shrug_concerned)
    So, you needed help with something?

So for this one, FMC says her dialogue but the animation doesn’t work. I’ve checked the script multiple times, but I couldn’t find anything that would cause the animation to not work. She just remains idle the whole time.

This happens in both the web previewer and on the app.

BUG #2


&overlay CLOSET create
&overlay CLOSET shifts to -111 -87 in zone 1
&overlay CLOSET scales to 1.717 1.717
&overlay CLOSET to layer 1
&overlay CLOSET opacity 1
&overlay BLANK create
&overlay CASUAL create from BLANK
&overlay STYLISH create from BLANK
&overlay DRESS create from BLANK
&overlay CASUAL opacity 1
&overlay DRESS opacity 1
&overlay STYLISH opacity 1
&MANNEQUIN spot 0.775 61 261 in zone 1 AND MANNEQUIN faces left AND MANNEQUIN is selfie_pose AND MANNEQUIN moves to layer 2
&MANNEQUIN2 spot 0.986 166 184 in zone 1 AND MANNEQUIN2 faces right AND MANNEQUIN2 is flirt_wink_atcamera_pose AND MANNEQUIN2 moves to layer 3
&MANNEQUIN3 spot 0.775 259 261 in zone 1 AND MANNEQUIN3 faces right AND MANNEQUIN3 is laugh_giggle_pose AND MANNEQUIN3 moves to layer 2
&zoom reset
@MANNEQUIN changes into ARYA_casual
@MANNEQUIN2 changes into ARYA_stylish
@MANNEQUIN3 changes into ARYA_dress
@transition fade in black 1

For this one, MANNEQUIN’s spot directing works fine. However, MANNEQUIN2 and MANNEQUIN3’s spot directing don’t match with the script.

MANNEQUIN2 went to spot 0.986 270 0 instead of 0.986 166 184.
MANNEQUIN3 went to spot 0.775 270 0 instead of 0.775 259 261.

At the same time, MANNEQUIN2 and MANNEQUIN3 are scripted to face at the right, but the web previewer and app makes it face left!

Can someone please help me out? I really need to do these scenes and these bugs keep annoying me. Thanks in advance! :blob_hearts:

if you need more parts of the script, just say so! :upside_down_face:

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For #1, something that works for me is testing it in the app, or putting a very short pause. If an animation doesn’t work, I’ll put @pause for 0.01 or something quick like that. Usually fixes the problem if there really is one, but it might just be an issue with the portal.

For #2, first make sure that everything is in the right zone, and if everything looks fine to you, preview it on the app, it might work there. If the issue is in the portal’s preview, it’s probably a bug since it’s riddled with them atm. Another thing I’d try:
Put the mannequins in a slightly different spot. Like, instead of @MANNEQUIN2 spot 0.986 166 184, try @MANNEQUIN2 spot 0.986 165 183.


Thanks for the advice! I’ll definitely try them. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Don’t be too worried if they don’t work, because holy crap the writer’s portal needs an update, because there is just a full-blown infestation of bugs on it.


Yeah! It does need an update. :joy:

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to the 2# try first to use the command becomes and AFTER it spot the 2 manekins

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@gnoble22 @Farah_DeSantis
It worked! Thanks so much! :blob_hearts:

@Sydney_H, you can close this thread! :v:


Closed by OP request. :smiley: