Bugs still not fixed

22 days ago i made a post about the writer portal bug where the previewer keeps freezing and you have to refresh to get it to work again (still not fixed)

i’ve noticed several other bugs

like the scale and move button messes up sometimes when you switch to move it will only scale

now this might not be considered a bug but it seriously needs to be fixed recently i’ve noticed that after a walking animation the character won’t do any animation after it
i know there might be a way around it but it never used to do this and is super annoying

wondering if and when episode will fix these


Ikr, this always happens to me too. Its really annoying that you have to reload the page to get the preview working again :pensive:

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i thought i broke my laptop lmao


Yep, having the same problem. Also, my fade in black are fading white on the previewer, lmao.

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