💡 Need Cover Art, DESPERATELY!

Hi all!!!

I decided to hop in the Heroes & Villains contest at the last minute and would LOVE if someone would be kind enough to create me a Cover Art for it?

Title - Heroes & Villains: Fallen Hero!

I would love, love, love you forever!! :hugs: :heart_eyes:

Is there any certain details that are needed on this cover -
Like any people or anything. (If you choose to add people to the cover - you need to send me screen shots of the character and their character settings so I can add them to the cover - like this:

I will make a cover for you but I will need some details:

Your user name - so I can add it to the cover
If you want anything particular on it.

Anyway, I will start now.

Please reply soon because it is late at night where I live, otherwise you will have to wait until tomorrow morning for me.

Hi, LivLoveDance!

Thank you soo much!! Actually, if you could make it tomorrow that would be perfect!! It is very late where I live, too. I will add details tomorrow morning. :slight_smile:

Again, thanks so much!!

~ LoraWrites.

Hey! If you still need cover art, i’d be happy to help. Just check out my profile, I’ve recently created a topic, it has a few of my examples on there!

Hey!! I can totally make a cover for you,@LoraWrites !!! Just fill out this form!!! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScKbGzCMIE4z7YH7buDUgzFocArz2dQatuDBWjnAMV3ULybPQ/viewform !!! Recent Completed Covers :

@LoraWrites Hi! I can help you with your cover. Just go to my shop!
Covers I make:

Splashes I make:

View this link: Covers, Splashes, Backgrounds, Overlays, Characters, & Art Resources - CLOSED, see Plethora Graphics This is all my work and I’m positive you won’t regret it!

Wattpad Covers

Episode Covers




This background is only one panel which means it’s the only zone.

This background, however, has two panels (two zones).

If you have any random picture that you wish to make as a background but doesn’t fit (too small or too big) then request and I’ll resize it!

Profile Pic

I can even do your profile picture to be just like mine or if you want to put any special art into it. Like:




Here, I made an overlay of this background:


And it turned out like this:


Request Layout
  1. Name of auther (either real or username)
  2. Type of art (small, big cover, splashes, backgrounds, overlays, etc.)
  3. Backgrounds, overlays, colors
  4. Title of book
  5. Genre (fiction, horror, thriller, etc.)
  6. Feel of the cover (joyous, sad, etc.)
  7. Placing of characters (optional)
  8. Character looks (optional)
  9. Character outfits (outfit)
  10. Any other details you would like to add
  11. Urgent time/ due date (I’ll try…)

Thank you,
Briar Rose

I can do it, check out my thread EM's new and improved art shop (now open)

I would love to, check my cover

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Check out my thread for intros outros ect. x