'bullet overlays needed

does anyone have a rear n front view of a bullet ? :kissing: .

What type of choices are you trying to code?

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theres this scene im doing where the reader can choose between " shoot. " or " not yet. " n it depends on a lil meter on the top , if it goes to green then thatd b the time to shoot, i thought it would be a cool concept but i have no idea where to even start :sweat_smile: .

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Are you using timed choices / tappables?

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You could use gains for this. For example, you’d have the first situation, in which the meter isn’t green. You have the choices “Shoot / Don’t shoot,” and if the reader chooses whichever choice, use a gain according to what they pick.


“Shoot” {

Gain shoot

} “Don’t shoot” {

Gain no_shoot


If (shoot) {

(Scene for shooting goes here)

} else {

(Scene for choosing not to shoot)


More information on gains / labels over here:

Then, you’d basically repeat until you reach the situation where the meter is green. When the meter turns green, and the reader chooses the choice to shoot, you’d change the scene under the label for “shoot” so that they’d be rewarded / face a consequence. :kissing_heart:

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tysm :pleading_face: , can i pm you ? i need more help :sweat_smile:

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thank you !

Of course! Sorry for the late reply. :sweat_smile:

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hi! i need help with a template.

so i need gold choices choices that say “Credits” and “End episode”, if they click credits, they get the credits and after thats done, they get back to the choices and ofc if they say end episode… yk what happens :sweat_smile: