Bullying and attacked!

How do u bully…a bully


I mean, don’t be mean at them back. If someone says, ‘you’re so ugly’ just ignore them. They’re not worth your attention. Don’t throw a load of insults back at them.



And how long can you ignore those people?
Take every bulliyng till there is a last drop and then?

Don’t you read the news? The papers?

Childish people here. Blegh


No… you haven’t… Attacked, maybe. Bullied, no.

Don’t victimize yourself, please. I went through your history and I may not have seen all of it or something, but not everything adds up… You’re very hypocritical.

And now I just wanna talk about bullying:

Bullying is freaking terrible. I would say I’ve been bullied a couple of times in my life, but that’s only because I’m not really out in the world as much as I wish I was, so I’m not around people that can hurt me. There’s a lot of different type of bullying.

Physical bullying, which is just punching and hitting. Which if someone is experiencing that, it is literal assault and you can get the police involved depending on what laws you live under.

Verbal bullying. Name-calling, threatening, teasing, insulting remarks, and so on.

Cyberbullying. Using social apps and networks, or even texting, to harass someone. Spreading rumors, exposing secrets, sharing photos, etc. This one sucks because sometimes it hards to prove…

Then there’s social bullying. The hardest thing to actually define since it’s different in lots of ways. Kids and teens or even adults can behave like everything is normal while they’re just shunning someone and emotionally hurting them. Giving them dirty looks, playing jokes that can seem innocent to other people, and just overall being two-faced. I’ve experienced this hands-on and it just sucks…

Please pay attention to detail when you see something that can fall under these categories.


No, you don’t ignore them. I clearly need to word things better. You don’t sit back and do nothing. I do read the news and the papers. I did take every bully until there was a last drop, and the result was almost fatal. I’m not saying to sit back and do nothing, nor did I ever mean to imply that. Maybe I did, but I didn’t mean to. You do something about it, always. No matter how hard it is to reach out and tell someone, it’s important. If it’s here on the forums, you flag it. You mute that user so you don’t get notifications from them. You find comfort in your friends. You tell someone you trust in real life, preferably, so that they can be there for you when you need them. If it’s on other social media, you block them. If it’s in real life, you tell someone. That’s very, very important. Nobody should ever do nothing.

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Good advice

though in my case ive found it not to work…


It’s a case by case thing. The above advice works in many cases, but it didn’t for mine. I just had to wait until I got out of primary school.

Sympathies, fam, but if you’re being messed with online, it is much easier to ignore than if they’re in your face, at least. You can turn off a computer or go to a different site. I don’t think I’ve been “bullied” online exactly…I’ve been annoyed online X’DDDD Then I just…make it clear that the conversation is over because I can be kinda irrational if I’m upset and there’s no productive conversation.

If you feel like you’re being attacked, maybe you could try to talk them down and be like, “I see this conversation is going no where. It would be pointless to continue, because nothing productive can come from this conversation now.” I’d say you can just be chill, don’t fuel the fire, don’t feed any trolls…

I have been harassed online by a dude…>.> I blocked him, but not before I just stopped going on that site. Turned off notifications and everything LOL when I got back to the site, I had like 200+ messages from him and I read them, but ignored them and muted his notifications. Ignoring people online is literally the easiest thing ever ^^

Now, if it is in person…well…that always depends on the specific situation. For me, personally, it was always easy to ignore people even in person. LOL I was/still am a recluse. People that mess with you aren’t worth your time, friend ^^


People keep saying ignore as if its easy to do
Reports do nothing
Flagging does nothing but get ur posts flagged as well
Ignoring…is easier said than done and more often than not ppl gang up on the victim

Real life is worse u ignore ppl still mess with you

U retaliate ur wrong

U dont retaliate ur “weak” and should “stand up for urself”


i have never been bullied online. but i have in school

cant you blog them or something

So true.


But ignoring isn’t an easy thing to do, and I frikking know that. (disclaimer, I’m not angry, just very passionate about this). I’m not saying it’s easy. Not many things in life are easy. Bullying is always a case-by-case thing. My advice was not for every person who’s getting bullied.

This is true, unfortunately. Much of society thinks this way, and it’s a little sad to see this.


Nobody was bullying you…


Wow don’t “hun” someone. Passive aggressive much?


To be honest, I agree, IGNORE! This isn’t real life, I can pretend to be a 50 year old man called Keith.


Dude I get so heated when someone calls me hun :upside_down_face:


same here… literally they write the most stupidest point and end it with a hun, to seem like the “bigger” and “wiser” person. Is your vocabulary so limited you can only call me hun? :joy:


I know wasnt refering to u i just see the “ignore them” comments a lot as if its easy x3
Hard as frick to ignore ppl so kudos to those who can



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