Bullying on Episode Platforms

I just want to start off by saying that there’s a difference between critiquing themes in a story that includes harmful messages and being mean. I’ve been on platforms such as Reddit where some people would posts screenshots of someone’s art work to make fun of which is unnecessarily mean. Imagine working on something only for someone to publicly display it so others can make fun of your work.

Have you seen anything like this on other Episode platforms?


This is true. Constructive criticism can be hard to hear but they are just trying to help.

That’s awful :pensive:

The people on Reddit truly suck, the mean ones anyway.

You get insecure trolls on every platform but rarely have I seen bullying on Episode Forums. Sure, it’s not the greatest site ever, people can still be mean, but I think it’s one of the safer platforms.


I agree with the constructive criticism part. As someone who’s sensitive, sometimes it can be hard to hear but it’s necessary in some cases. Constructive criticism it meant to be helpful not mean spirited. I’ve already left the Episode subreddit, but I think the reason this site is safer is because it’s controlled by the Episode team unlike platforms such as Reddit and author’s Instagram accounts.


That’s true.

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I haven’t seen it on other platforms regarding art specifically like I have on the episode sub (then again I’m not especially active on other platforms outside of the one you mentioned) but I’ve seen plenty of people making fun of authors, the way characters look, making fun of readers etc.

I’ve lost count of the amount of posts I’ve been disgusted with and the amount of rude comments I’ve downvoted. I definitely think more of it happens outside of the forums because of the lack of moderation (and also the fact that fan mods cannot enforce any kind of official punishment the same way the episode team can e.g forum acc/app profile suspension, banning, removal of stories etc).

I don’t mind a bit of fun or sarcasm, particularly on humor posts if it’s not hurting anyone, but there are tons of users who don’t seem to understand when something is cruel or considered bullying. I don’t think this will ever change tbh.

Btw your username is lowkey scary to me lmao.


VERY TRUE! :revolving_hearts:

It does happen everywhere (including here on forums) :woozy_face:
I mean making fun of someone art and edits is very low if them :upside_down_face:

Talking from my own experience lol.
There was this girl or boy who 1st told people that its their art (while it was mine) and said something like “look my drawing looks like clay and is just rubbish” and all. :expressionless:

While I did nothing wrong to that person nor I asked for anyone’s comment on that or anything :roll_eyes:

So, it safe to say that this community is toxic! :nerd_face:

I mean you can’t tell them your own POV while they are telling their POV… Or else they will think you are being rude :expressionless: just because your both povs aren’t same!


Um…what? So they took credit for your work just to make fun of it? That’s terrible.

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I think the most a mod can do on a subreddit is ban someone, even then who knows if they have multiple accounts. It’s one thing to not like a story or a character but it’s another to drag an author for it. I’m also not a fan of posting private dms publicly between authors.

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Totally agreed.There was this Reddit user who said art shaming is necessary, never laughed this much harder in my life :joy:.I know a lots of author’s misusing features in their story cover but when you call out someone you’re bound to be respectful because if you agree with any kind of shaming you need help.:sweat_smile:


Exactly not everything posted under humour is funny, they complain about art scenes not matching the characters after CC even when it’s written in description it won’t match.I am looking for that person who said art shaming is necessary and called me a gaslighter for calling out those bullies.Thank God mods deleted that users comments even though that comments received an award on Reddit :rofl:


Tell me about it lol :woman_facepalming:t2:


“Art shaming is necessary.” I bet the people who say this can’t even draw. Why complain about an art scene that doesn’t look like the characters when you CUSTOMIZED them? What did they expect? The only time I’ve seen something like this where I kind of agreed is when the character is super pale in the art scenes while the character’s default look is 6 shades darker.

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Exactly my point, even when you’re pointing out this kind of issues you’re bound to respectful.That user on Reddit was being so insolent I swear.:woozy_face::rofl:

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True, there’s a way to call out things like white washing without malicious intent. If I were to talk about white washing in art, I’d speak about it as a general issue, I wouldn’t single anyone out in particular. I feel like people also forget that most artist draw what authors commissioned for.

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