Bumble Bee’s Help Thread

Hey all!

Bumble bee here! :honeybee:
Welcome to my help thread! Simply ask me whatever you need! I’ll reply as soon as I can :slight_smile:

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Can I get the script for customisation of characters… (I originally did not want it but now I need it to get the 400 beats xD)


@Kayla.Writes.Episode why style is your story ll or ink


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@Kayla.Writes.Episode follow the link above

it was fake .-. (I used it and it came up with over 50 errors)

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What errors are there @Kayla.Writes.Episode

“Such and such does not exist”

@Apes might be able to help


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What is your characters name @Kayla.Writes.Episode

GIZELLE is the name…

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@Kayla.Writes.Episode give me a minute

@Kayla.Writes.Episode Try this

Okay thanks… How do you get a crowd?
(I need a crowd of people dancing)

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I am not sure about that sorry

This came up as an error. (This was all on the same line)