Bumble bee's outline contest! prizes to be won! CLOSED


When does the outline contest end??? Is it today???


Yes , in 20 minuetes


Aghhhhh I havn’t been able to finish my entry


10 mins everyone!!!


I can’t do it then. Sorry I still have so much to do to it. :disappointed_relieved:


Thats such a shame! I will be hosting an xmas one later this year! I’ll tag you when it starts!


Yeah Thank You but I’ll do it anyway but PM you it if thats ok.


of course!


Hey all! I’m pleased to announce the winners of my outline contest!

  • First place gets all the prizes
  • Second place gets 2
  • Third place gets 1

Third Place




First Place


Other Incredible Artists



Can everyone that came first second and third please message for the requests!

Have a buzzing day everyone!

Bumble Bee x


Congrats everyone!! Again I didn’t win but I’ve gain experience :upside_down_face:


Oh heck i’m featured! Thanks for providing a great outline and being a dope host!


thank you! it was a great experience :yellow_heart:


Haha no problem x