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Hey guys,I remember there was an animation where the characters hit their foreheads and moved back a little bit, but I do not remember its name, and I can not find it. Who knows the name, please tell me :weary: :sob:

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Hey girl. Ink or Limelight?

If it ink it’s “ slap_face_receive”

Unfortunately No, It’s limelight

Hey, Limelight

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Okay. I’ll try and find it for you give me a minute.

Thank you so much! I thought I could somehow try with slapface, but It’s not exactly what I need. There was just recently an animation, didn’t they delete it?

Try searching up shove then

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So here are some i found.

That’s all i could find i’m sorry. Hope you find it soon x

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Is it sigh_disappointed?

If I combine this and a slap in the face, I can get something similar. thanks :heartbeat:

Thank you for your help! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Your welcome. Good luck writing!

No, It’s completely different, but guys have already helped. thanks :relaxed:

Thanks. Have a good day/ evening :innocent:

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