Bunch of Splashes Needed (Twelve)


Hey I need a bunch of splashes needed by Aug 20th at the latest but if you can get it done sooner I would appreciate it so much. Multiple people can help me with this, just comment down below which splashes you are doing. I will credit you both in story and on instagram. Also please make sure the splash is 640 x 1136. If some splashes seem to repeat, it’s because they are for 3 different stories.
Splash One (taken)
The background should be of stars and the words on it I want are
Episode One
The Night We Meet
Splash Two(taken)
The background should be this picture

The words on the splash should be
Episode Two
The time we spend together
Splash Three(taken)
For this background, it should be a family picture but the glass is broken. The pose doesn’t matter to me as long as they look happy, also the girl with brown and short hair and the girl with red hair are ages 8 & 7 so their size should show that. Pics of the family:

The words on the splash should be
Episode Three
The Past I Can’t Escape
Splash Four(taken)
This splash should be a dark red background and the words should be
Episode Four
Demanding Answers
Splash Five(taken)
The background should be ominous, like a door opening up in a dark room. Words on the splash:
Episode Five
Secrets Revealed
Splash Six(taken)
The MC (brown hair) and her demon form (black hair) should be back to back, both down on one knee and holding a gun up in the air. The demon form (black hair) should be faded a little bit (but not more than 50%) The background should be red. Words on the splash (on the bottom or top)

End of Episode
Splash Seven(taken)
The background should be a desk with a gun and some files on it. Words on the splash:
This story contains strong themes and language
Splash Eight(taken)
The background should be this picture but it should be a little darker and storming.

Words on the splash:
This story contains strong themes and language
Splash Nine(taken)
This one is probably best done if it’s drawn. The character Ash should holding her hands out and holding up a heart made of fire. Character:

Words needed on there:
End of Episode
Splash Eleven(taken)
I need this one in the character pose (hips up) in the picture but in a dark blue background. The words:
Music and Sound are used
Adjust volume for a better experience

Splash Twelve(taken)
I need Ava in the background (I will show pics) in the pose she’s in. I want earbuds added to her ear and connects to her phone. Words on splash:
Music and Sounds are used
Adjust volume for a better experience



I think I can help


@Episode.Harmony is amazing with splashes!


@Epy.raven @L.I.W.F


Awww thx gurl


Thanks! Which splashed do you want to do? You can do as little or many as you want.


What about 1,2,5, and 9? I can start now


Omg I forgotten about your art scene can you pm me it’s again please


I can help if you still need it.




Thank you!


Anyone who wants to help out I welcome the help! Just tell me what splashes you feel like doing.


Which art scene?


I can do 3,4,8 (For three can I change there clothes just to make it espalier but I’ll make it look like their ages


Guesse everyone took all of thdm oh well sigh


6,7,10,11,12 are still available


Sure changing the clothes is fine


Do you want makeup on any of the characters such as highlight and contour?




The one with the girl xrying over her dead sister