Burlesque Studios Inc. - A Comedy Shelf



Hey everyone! I am making a story studio called:

Burlesque Studios Inc.

To change the Episode Community and give something everyone will enjoy:


You may be thinking…

How the HECK does Burlesque Studios Inc. Work?

If you join all you you have to do is make short comedy stories (stories that make you laugh out loud and is less than 10 chapters and completed). Usually we would do it individually in one account but you can work together witb other members.

If you join you are not condemmed to only write on the account you can still wrute on your own accounts.

You may not touch other people’s stories without their permission.

If you cause drama/trouble in the group you will be removed.

Okay I think said enough. Dm me if you’d like to join and if you have any further questions comment them down below👇. Thanks.


This looks interesting. :thinking: Will there still be the option to join later on? I have a few works in progress to focus on right now, but I’d be interested in joining once I’m less busy.

Soz for late reply

Sure! Come back when you want!