Busy mall scene help?

I am creating a busy mall scene, and I know how to make background characters, but I don’t know how to spread characters out. Does it have something to do with how far the x value is or the time it takes for them to walk across the scene? The characters look all clumped up in one vertical line.

For this you use spot directing. I can help you with this. So do you know what spot directing is?

Yes, I used a bit to create the background characters, but I just don’t understand how to spread them out as if it was a crowd? I’ve got about 15 characters right now, is that enough?

Yeah its more than enough. So what background are you using?

I’m using INT. MALL LOOP - DAY

Okay so now what you do for it. Is because it’s a looping background the characters should be moving or walking cause it would look weird if they were still.

Yes, I have all characters walking across the screen, but they look like they are all in one group.

Okay so now because the background is a 4 zone background what you should do is cut to each zone then place some characters there and then remove the cut and repeat for each zone so you could place them throughout the scene.

Okay, I will try that, thank you. :slight_smile:

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Did this answer your question? :slight_smile:

I’m still kind of confused. Still trying to figure it out though :slight_smile: