Busy writer in need of outfit designs? Then click here for help

Hi, I’m Bella5248.
If you are writing a story on Episode and don’t have time to design outfits for your characters, I can design some for you! Just submit a request with the layout below for each character you need outfits for and I’ll get back to you.

Request Layout:

Type of Story: Limelight or Ink?
Character: Put a screen shot of your character & give details below

  • Gender-
  • Body-
  • Brow-
  • Hair-
  • Eyes-
  • Face-
  • Nose-
  • Lips-

Age: Roughly how old is your character?
Personality: What type of person is your character? The geek? The jock? The hottie?
# of Outfits: How many outfits do you need me to make for THIS character?
Occasion: What occasion is the outfit for? A dance? Sports? School? (IF YOU WANT MORE THAN ONE OUTFIT FOR THIS CHARACTER, I NEED TO KNOW THE OCCASION FOR EACH ONE!!!)
Etc: Is there anything else I should know about your character to help outfit design? (i.e. What season? If female; is she pregnant? If either; any tattoos or glasses? If Limelight; Freckles? Moles?)

Once you receive your outfit design, don’t forget to give credit to @Bella5248 :blush:

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Okay I’ll need one get my details

I would be happy to help! Just reply with the request layout and I’ll get to work.

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Style - Ink
Age - 21
Personality - Corky, Awkward, Smart

Of Outfits - 2

Occasion - Job Interview

How’s this for a job interview outfit for a 21 year old?

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THANK YOU I love this one.

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You are very welcome! I’m glad I could help.

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