"But that's for girls!"

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*so today we are talking about boys and men saying “but that’s for girls!” whenever I hear this I want to grab a hard-cover harry potter “The half-blood Prince” book and throw it at whoever said it. It’s annoying, when I was little I used to play tetherball yup i was that kid and all o’d hear when a girl won was “oh wow you’re getting beat by a girl?” even then I want to throw a HP half-blood prince book at them. It also bothers me when some people are like “sports are for guys” thankfully i never heard it from ppl in my school but yeah. My cousin is 13 and still says “Pink is for G-A-Y (yes he spells it out, what a dumbass) people and girls.” stfu i have my book ready.

What do you feel about men and boys saying this and what do you feel about girls/women saying this?


It really pisses me off when ppl says that. EVERYTHING IS FOR EVERYONE. Period,.


Thank u! :joy::sob:


If someone ever says that again to you. HIT THEM WITH A BOOK! XD


Oh dw i will! I actually lpve Harry Potter so don’t know if I wanna make my book dirty by letting it touch a dirty person who says that


It makes me want to cut off my ears. My step brother always says stuff like that. “gIrLs CaNt pLaY FoRtnTe oR pLay BaSkeTbaLl”. Girls are strong and independent beings.


gets a wizard wand and make a empty duplicate copy of book to give her



As someone with a younger brother, I make it very clear that none of that stuff matters. You can like “girly” things if you want to, and anyone who says otherwise is jealous or scared that you don’t fit their rules. He makes me proud everyday, whenever the boys in his school call him and his friend gay for hugging, he simply says being gay isn’t an insult and goes back to hanging out with his friend. He’s always asking how he can stand up for his female friends, and get’s very upset when someone even tries to say something misogynistic or try to justify their ignorance. Although, I still try to get him to be calmer about kid’s ignorance in his class. (It’s not really they’re fault, they just copy what they hear from adults around them. )The last time someone said girls are only good at being pretty, he punched the kid in the face and got suspended for a few days :sweat:


what’s worse is when someone say you’re such a p*ssy. Like come on… it can push out of a huge watermelonn so stfu.


There’s dudes out here not doing basic everyday hygiene of cleaning themselves because they see it as a feminine thing. :woman_facepalming:t5: Fragile masculinity


Now you have brought this to my attention. I don’t see any problem with men & boys liking something that is mainly targeted at females. Like women & girls can like something that is mainly targeted at males.

I remember when I was little, I was crazy about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and my aunt said something so stupid like “That is for boys, are you a boy?” there’s no harm in liking something that mainly targeted at a specific gender. I might have mentioned this in one of my previous posts but you can be masculine and like She-Ra & you can be feminine and like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Ughh, it’s so freaking irritating whenever I hear that rubbish.


They act like it’s wrong for guys to self groom. We girls don’t like smelly guys.


“oH yOu jUst GoT oWnED bY a giRL!!11”


Your brother, i want to meet him lol.

@lanafrazer_episode thanks for the empty HP book :sunglasses::joy:


O understandd


:joy: LOL. NP.

It’s annoying but I just laughed so hard :joy: stfu I have my harry potter book ready :joy:

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I’d choose pink and purple over green and blue any day

“that’s for girls”


it is actually pretty crazy to think that colors are assigned to genders like whut


ooooo lets bring on HARRY POTTER BOOK WAR! XD

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I do like masculine men, but here’s what pisses me off:

Guys who are too afraid to do anything remotely feminine because they’re a ‘straight man’. Like no, you’re just insecure about your sexuality. I’ve met so many guys who’ve started freaking out when I jokingly mention doing their makeup. I know guys that will literally have meltdowns if i joke about straightening their hair, I mean I know I don’t live in the most liberal of countries but no one is going to crucify you for wearing pink.
I know men who don’t properly take care of their hair because “it’s feminine to use certain products on your hair”