Butch LIs Where 👀❔

g-get into it yuh :pensive: :fist:t4:

omg I’m writing a story with a female li :sob: I promise you I didn’t just throw a female branch in there for representation points. As a bi person I crave that :sparkles:gay shit :sparkles: the female li in my story isn’t so much a butch but you can tell she ain’t straight :joy: I’ve only got like 2 1/2 chapters done. If you’re interested enough I can PM you more details.


We’re in a drought rn I swear :face_exhaling:

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I have a story with 5 LIs of which 2 a women, it’s called “the unEXpected show”. It does not meet your no-nos which is great but I did start it when I was like 14 so it’s kind of childish…
While I have another well done story now which in called “In Apnoea” and you do not have a same sex LI but it has a character (of which you will see the POVs) whose discovering her sexuality and a transgender character. Maybe you might like their insights and stories!

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Ty, I’ll check ‘em out!

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I just read one and thought back to this thread. It’s called The Princess and The Paladin by Mar C. It’s Enemies to Lovers with a fantasy setting. It has customizable characters, but the main character you play is a stud and that’s how she’s depicted in the official art. There’s also a lot of diversity. POC and nonbinary characters. I’d recommend it. It’s really good.

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Ooh, thank you for the rec :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:

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Title: Blended

Author: Matilda

Genre: LGBTQ Drama

Episodes: 19 (more coming)

Description: Althea and Maximo have been married for 15 years and have 2 kids. But when one of them can no longer deny their sexuality, will the family fall apart? Choice of MC, LCC, LGBTQ LI full CC. Choices matter.

Adulting Shelf Aug. 2020

The Best Stories Are Worth Sharing: Queer: Blended


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Maybe mine could interest you? Story info below. :relaxed:

Title : Sora LL
Summary : Vikings of Sora are at war with England! Shield maiden Thora has been send together with her brothers and secret lover to negotiate. How far will they go to restore peace? [CC & LGBTQ+]
Genre : adventure/ fantasy/ romance
Story link : -
Story cover :

Instagram : I post sneak peeks and more via my page @chanel.stories

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You’re gonna be looking for a loooong(er) time :sob:

I guess Hers by Nia Page, but I never got through the first episode since I like lable-less girls so I can’t assure you that it’s good. :sweat_smile:

I know :sob: I’m in it for the long haul though :muscle:t4: Thank you, I’ll check it out!

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Bump! This thread is fuel to finish my own story. If y’all won’t write ‘em, I will happily :writing_hand:t4::nail_care:t4:

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Helloooo, femmes4butches, butches4butches, and all ppl who just adore butches🤩

New year, same search :mag_right:🕵🏾‍♀

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