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Welcome to our art shop :slight_smile: feel free to request: character cards, characters moodboards, pfp, splashes, covers, etc :yellow_heart::sparkles:

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  3. be patient!!

@episode.delilah examples

(I don’t have any examples for characters and outfits)

@Episode.george examples

Please be respectful! :heartpulse::heartpulse:


Can I have one2 INK characters?

Twins, Male and Female.

I was just on another thread for character designs, these characters are not the same. The others were the MCs, these are the best friend’s of each MC.

Just for full disclosure.


Just realised your pfp is Sharon Needles lmaooo. Alaska’s my favourite but I really liked Sharon too!


Character cards, character aesthetics? Please be a bit more specific :heart:

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I watched the season recently, so I still ship him and Alaska…

I do like Alaska too. Probably my third favorite. Chad is my second.


Just a character.

It says you also do characters and outfits.

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They broke up which was super sad but yea, they were a really good couple! I’ve seen all the old seasons, I have to catch up on the new ones lol

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Can I join your shop. I could help you with things.

I can do…

  • moodboards.
  • edited pfp (limelight)
  • edited splashes (limelight)
  • edited story covers (limelight)
  • edited character cards (limelight.

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Ohh okay I got you. Do you want any specific outfits on them as well?

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Ofc just pm me and I’ll message you :heart:

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Moved to Art Resources since Feature + Art Suggestions is for requests to the development team.

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I made 2 sets of twins, you can choose whichever one you want :slight_smile:

Kristy and Kristoff

Skin: tan
Brow: thick flat
Hair: long feathered (black)
Eyes: upturned bold (green)
Face: soft heart
Nose: soft natural
Lips: classic (rose)

Skin: tan
Brow: thick tapered
Hair: generic short hair (black)
Eyes: round piercing (green)
Face: diamond
Nose: button
Lips: uneven (taupe)

sally and sam

Body: mocha
Brow: seductive arch
Hair: shaved sides (black)
Eyes: upturned feline (hickory)
Face: diamond
Nose: aqualine
Lips: blossom lips (ruby red)

Body: mocha
Brow: thick arch
Hair: shaved sides (black)
Eyes: classic round (hickory)
Face: defined triangle
Nose: Roman
Lips: small round (taupe)

Feel free to change the names, credit is not needed :slight_smile:

Thank you!

I love them!

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No problem, thanks for requesting this art shop :white_heart:

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Hi, I wonder if you can do a cover in INK

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Super sorry for the late reply, but I n don’t do covers. But I’m pretty sure @episode.george will gladly make one for you! :slight_smile:

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Yes @Star2 I could do one for you. I can draw and edit now! :innocent:


really, thank you



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Please give me the details of what you want :blush: