Butterfly Shop! (CLOSED)

Im no professional, I just did this for some practice! :blob_hearts: :disco:

We only do edited stuff like the following:

  1. Covers (Ink & LL)
  2. Splashes (Ink & LL)
  3. Character Cards (Ink & LL)
  4. Banners
  5. Drawn limb overlays
  6. Other edits
  7. Edited PFPs
  8. Custom Poses

We do not do anything drawn except limbs. Sorry! :frowning_face:

(Please read + Important)

  1. No thread hopping! Just dont do it because its considered rude to artists and the community.

  2. Be patient and dont pressure me! Im new to this so please dont pressure me or I will deny your request.

  3. You can order as many times as you want! But please dont exaggerate and give others a chance also.

  4. Be nice and no drama! Just dont start any cat fights!

  5. You get up to 2 redos! Dont hesitate to get a redo and you only have 2 chances or else you get what you get and you dont throw a fit. Im pretty sure they taught you this in preschool.

  6. Do not steal others request! Dont take someones request without permission after they order because that is rude to the person.

  7. I have the right to deny! I have the right to deny if it is too complicated for me. Dont take it personal.

  8. Password: Cupcake :cupcake:Please blur it!


Do not steal anything without our consent!

@PropertyofNae 's examples
Drawn PFPs


Drawn Limb Overlays


Edited PFPs & Custom Poses

Character Cards


@nicollil 's examples


Character cards




(I also did banners for this shop! :blob_hearts: :grin:)

Edited PFPs



Large/small or both:
Ink or Limelight:
Story Title:
Author name:
Number of characters:
Written Character Details :
Outfit description + Outfit picture:
Character animations:
Extras (optional) :


What do you want it to say?
Written Character details (Optional if adding characters)
Character outfits+picture:
Extras (optional):

Character Cards

Ink or Limelight:
Character name:
Written Character details:
Outfit description + Outfit picture:
Character animations:
Style 1:(character details + Picture)
Style 2:(character details+picture+outfit details)
Extras (Optional) :


How many:
Picture of background:
What it says;


Edited or Drawn:
Character Details written:
Outfit description:
What the edit is:
Special details (optional):

Limb overlay

how many:
Skin tone:
female or Male limbs:
Special details:

@nicollil 's waiting list: (up to 4 at a time)

@PropertyofNae 's waiting list: (Up to 2 at a time)

Please tag the artist when requesting so they can see it. :blob_hearts:

:butterfly: :blob_hearts:Thanks for choosing our shop! :blob_hearts: :butterfly:!


I love the banners!

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Thank you :blob_hearts:

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Can you do a story cover for me
I will send the screenshot soon :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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@Golden_Skin_Girl Of course! Just fill out the form and password and Ill happily accept. :blob_hearts:

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@Golden_Skin_Girl Dont forget to write the password so I know you read the rules.

Is it Cupcake

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Yes now you can fill out the form for your cover :blob_hearts:

Large/small or both: I need both
Ink or Limelight: Limelight
Story Title: Little Miss High School
Author name: Fabiloly
Genre: Drama
Number of characters: 2 character on the cover


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Sorry I forgot to mention I also need the background and character pose as well. :smile:

Other than that:

I honestly just need any background as long as theyre in nature, during fall, and leaves are falling.

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Okay how about the character animation for the characters?

basically blowing a kiss

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okay Im going to start working on it! :blob_hearts:

@Golden_Skin_Girl You need to send me the written character details like Eye shape, Face Shape, Body color Etc. and outfits name or the characters would look different

I need this information so I can make your cover the best! Sorry I should have Been more specific! :blob_hearts:

You were specific its just, Im being extra lazy for no reason

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okay send me the information when you are ready. :blob_hearts:

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Natural 3 Skin tone, Arched Natural Eyebrows, Short Flipped Wavy Solid, Angular Slender Eyes, Triangle Defined, Round Button, Small Heart.


Natural 01 Skin tone, Round Thin Eyebrows, Messy Undercut Hair, Monolid Slender Eyes, Triangle Defined Chin, Straight Narrow Nose, Medium Heart Lips.

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