Butterfly Shop! (OPEN)

If you want me to change something yep. If its fine as is then dont worry about it :sparkles:

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oh its fine ! thank uu sm again :blob_hearts:

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oh one last thing, when uu draw it, can her head be a little bit more turned to the center/front ? like facing the front of the screen a little more ? also can her gaze be looking downwards more ? :star_struck:

sorry i keep bugging uu ughhhh :woman_facepalming:t4:

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I can change it so she looks down more but I dont know if I can draw facing the screen since Ive never practiced that :sparkles:

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okay that works ! thanks a ton :))

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Heres your request :sparkles: Let me know if I forgot something or if you want me to change anything :two_hearts: One of these has added lighting.


OMGGGG THIS IS SOOO GOODDD !!! TYTYTYTYTYTYTYTYTYYTYTYTYTTYTYTYYTTY OMGGGGGG :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


No prob :sparkles:


Sorry but these arent character details. We need the skin tone, eyes, etc. Could you explain what youre requesting, who from, is it drawn or edited, when do you need it by, etc.

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i want a character card
drawn or edited: any I dont mid
by @nicollil
need it by 20th November
character details:
born: 31st november 1999
body: Female Athletic Body
skin color: coper 00
hair: wavy hair
face: Diamond
lips: full heart (rose matte)

do you need anything else

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Could you leave your full character details and edit it into the first message you made with your request? We dont need her birthday :sparkles: I dont think you can use that background either since it has a watermark on the bottom left.

request: a character card
by @nicollil
need it by 20th November
drawn or edited: any I dont mid

Character card details

character card details
Ink or Limelight: limelight
Character name: lydia
Written Character details:
body: Female Athletic Body
skin color: copper 00
brow and brow color: Arched Natural Scar chestnut brown
hair color and hair: light brown wavy long
eye and eye color: Deepset Downturned grey cool
face: Diamond
nose: Round Button Upturned
mouth and mouth color: Full Heart Pouty rose matte
Outfit description + Outfit picture:
Vcutout Croptop Polyester Red Rose
Chained Pendant Simple Crystal Pink Blush
Pleated Small Belted Waist High Skirt Cottongrey Black
Diamond Cluster Bracelet Pink Diamond
Pearl Earrings Grey White
Choker Bow String Lace Black
Boot Stiletto Knee High Leather Black

Character animations:


Style 1:(character details + Picture)

cupcake :cupcake:

Hey! @PropertyofNae can you make me a splash for music telling them to turn up their sound please? if not dont worry about it. :blob_hearts:
What do you want it to say? this story uses sound. turn it up!
Genre: thriller
Written Character details (Optional if adding characters) none
Character outfits+picture: none
Background: forest
Extras (optional): can you add fireflies
Password: cupcake :cupcake:

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Could you send a background and a theme?

sorry about that!



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I dont know the name of that font but I can try to find something similar :sparkles: What exactly is the theme youre going for?

im sorry what does that mean haha im kinda not the smartest haha

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Like an aesthetic or mood youre going for

kind of like calm and spooky almost

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Hiii! :blush:
So, I want to request a pfp for both my IG account and Episode Forum account

Password: Cupcake :cupcake:
I will credit you on Instagram! :blush: What name should I mention you?
I would be so happy if you accept my request! :blob_hearts:
Thanks In Advance! :blush::heart: