Butterfly Shop! (OPEN)

Which artist and whats your deadline?

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Deadline: 1st December, if thats okay
Artist is @nicollil
Sorry I forgot to mention that earlier :sweat:

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Crap, I just realized they havent been online in a while :woman_facepalming:t4: That and as it turns out youve been threadhopping so we cant accept your request :sparkles:

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Thats okay, np :slightly_smiling_face::heart:
Sorry for thread hopping, I didnt realize that :sob:

hey i was wondering how that splash is going?

Im so sorry. I actually never started it. I mustve forgotten to bookmark it :woman_facepalming:t4:


Are you still taking requests for covers and splashes?


The other artist here isnt that active so I dont think so :sparkles:

oh dont worry about it just let me know when youre done!

You still want it? It might be a while since I have other requests and exams in school.

yea that would be great. thank you!

Could you resend your request and would next week or the week after be alright?

yea one second

can you make me a splash for music telling them to turn up their sound please? if not dont worry about it. :blob_hearts:
What do you want it to say? this story uses sound. turn it up!
Genre: thriller
Written Character details (Optional if adding characters) none
Character outfits+picture: none
Background: forest
Extras (optional): can you add fireflies
Password: cupcake :cupcake:

Do you have a background?

back ground:

font: dancing script
theme: kinda tranquil

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Do you have a reference of that font?

one second

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Ill see if I can find something similar :sparkles: