Butterflys Cover and Splash request thread!


I’m able to make any type of cover or splash.

For a splash tell me:
What should be written
The characters in it and what they’re wearing (or even better a photo)
The background (or give me an idea and I can choose one for you)

  • If you decide you want me to choose your background I will require a quick summary or the idea of the background.

And any other type of extra information

For Cover:
Tell me if you want a small or large cover
And if you want the pictures to be different. If so explain what both covers should look like.
Title of story
Background (or give me an idea so I can choose one for you)
The characters in it and what they’re wearing (or even better a photo)
Short Summary of the story
Any extra type of information

I will work as hard and as fast as possible and will keep updates on this thread. I can work with any type of character look (LimeLight, INK, and Classic) You must credit me at the end of your first episode and any time you use a splash I’ve created with reader message using @Social_Butterfly (look it up if you don’t know what that is.)

Here are a few examples of my work (these are simpler versions I can make your cover or splash as complex as you’d like!)





Nice @ChayChay @girllykann




Thinking what I’m thinking


Hi wanna join a art group


Sure how do I join?




I’ll do it

Blue's SPLASH and COVER Request Thread! continued in a new thread

Do what


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hi is this thread still open?




hi may i have a splash please

can it say that "this story contains mature scenes "((at the top))
((at the bottom)) "click at your own risk


there 3 characters




can she be in the middle please



background:something cute