Buttons and Saving

Does anyone who why I may be having button issues. When creating outfits it will not allow me to save. The button is there and visible but not clickable at all. Actually the whole right side of the screen in not interactive. I can edit the character but cannot save outfits and clothing in the last two columns of each row cannot be clicked. I have to add a filter to get the item to move to the left to I can click it.

Any help or suggestions would be amazing guys!

I have done that. I’m not at a point of scripting them in, I’m literally just getting the outfit choices and script names ready so they can be inserted when needed. The issue is the right half of my screen cannot be clicked at all, regardless of what button or item it is while I’m creating.

Hello @Roouxla, so sorry to hear you’ve been having issues with the Portal. :frowning: Try submitting a help ticket here. Our support team is more than happy to help. :smile:

i have submitted a support team thy can’t tell me and can’t hekp me becouse the writher update is always up to date and works only perfect with windows 10.