Buy, sell, trash (game)


Give 3 choices of Items, the person below would have to choose to Buy one item, Sell One and Throw away the other item.
Example: Book, Jacket, Bike
I choose to Trash the Book, Buy the Jacket and Sell the Bike
Make sure to make your choices AND Also provide 3 items for the next person.


U didn’t provide anything…
House, car, phone


Buy the House, Sell the Car, Trash the Phone.

Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry


Buy the chocolate, sell the vanilla, trash the strawberry

Apple IPhone, Samsung Phone, Android Phone


Buy the Android phone, sell the Samsung phone, and trash the apple iPhone.

If it was me, I would keep them all.

Phone, computer, ipad


Buy the ipad, sell the computer and trash the phone

Blueberries, strawberry and an island


Buy the island (duh), sell the strawberry and trash the blueberry.

Pickachu, Sagittarius, a normal girl


buy pickachu (not even a question), sell a sagittarius, trash a girl


mcdonalds, kfc, burger king


Sagittarius is a :sagittarius: (something like Aquarius, Gemini, Pisces …)


i know, i’m a scorpio. if i do say so myself. what’s your star sign?


Sell all, then buy them all again, eat them then trash them :joy: :joy:


One of the above


Scorpio, Day, Night


Buy Day, Sell Night Trash Scorpio…

I’m a Libra

Friends family lovers


ha! never trash mcdonalds


That’s after I eat it.


buy friends (i know, its sad), trash lovers sell family

youtube, instagram, snapchat




Buy Instagram sell Snapchat trash YouTube