Bypassing the publishing rules?

If I could recall correctly, episodes need to have a certain amount of lines and choices to be published, is it okay if I bypass it by using lables?

I’m creating a scripting tutorial story and there’s no need to use this much lines since I intend to keep them simple, short, and beginner friendly. Will my story be de-activated if I bypass that? I know some lazy stories that dedicated the first episode to only CCs :sweat_smile:

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it dosent need to have any choices, and the minimum is 400 lines, in 3 chapters each, 400 lines is not that much.


Honestly, CC takes up a lot of lines, so that makes sense. I’ve done that before, but it was when I first started writing.

If you include CC, that alone is usually 1,500+ lines. You won’t be able to bypass the requirement as Episode will not let you publish if you are under 400 lines. 400 really isn’t much, and if your directing is more simple, that’s only about 2 minutes of play time.

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