C&C's Art Thread - Covers , Splashes , Watermarks , Character edits Drawn Art and More In 15 - 20 Min!


Hello Hello.
I heard that you came from a land afar looking for art well for your stories well you came to the right place.
We are pretty good artists and we are at your service for anything you require or need so don’t hesitate to come back here anytime. Almost every month we will upgrade the thread with new art examples , banners , rules and regulations and themes so it gives us the impressions that we are taking good care of the thread and we wanted to start something thing new so 1st of all I go my the name Millie and my friend goes by the name Cille so when you want a certain person to do your request please use the emojis that clarify to our personality if you want a certain person to do your reqest tag them by our chosen emojis please and Password for request is Moonlight
Cille’s Emoji - :blush:
Millie’s Emoji - :wink:

Cillie and I are both different artists with different styles so we each have something we each can do individually :

Cillie is able to do
Profile Pictures
Art scenes
Character edits

Millie is able to do
Profile Pictures
Drawn Art
Art scenes
Character edits
Character edits

Here are some examples




Art Scenes

Profile Pics


Character Edits

More Coming soon and In the Making

Fill out this form to request: https://goo.gl/forms/jqlTS0ISgf1jdRgx1
And here is the feedback form: https://goo.gl/forms/jGNAyfCvTyAMdy7b2

Art scene artist!
Can someone help or make me a story cover please?
Interior car background
How to make scene inside a scene
I need someone to make me a character details splash
Art Thread Advertisement
Need of a specific background
Need news background
Looking for somebody who can do art scenes?
I need a cover for my story but i'm failing miserably. xD

ooh it’s you and millie!!! Awesome!!! Keep it up, girls.


Their account is supposed to be anonymous though


these are the characters


@kweenKori I don’t quite understand, should i make two?









@fw.boriqua You didn’t give me, any poses… so i tried with the things i had:


Credit us on CeclianaCreates


Thank you this is sooooo nice


Can you make it any smaller please, it won’t fit in the small cover and Its not hopeless its hopelessly . Sorry :disappointed:


Ok will do :smiley:


Wow will be requesting very soon!


You can requets now if wanted


@TinySamuri Will this do?



I know. Just making sure I want the story name I have chosen


Cool, just fill out the form, when you are ready


Will do thank you!




Request form is sent.