con·fes·sion: an admission or acknowledgment that one has done something that one is ashamed or embarrassed about.

You’ve all done something. Something horrible. Something so mind-blowingly, crazily terrible that you will never be able to look at yourself in the mirror again. Or maybe you will. A chatroom certainly doesn’t need to know about your conscience or lack thereof.

You received an email tonight, telling you to log onto the link gfcywza.txim at exactly midnight, no other time. You would never normally follow such instructions, but they make it clear you know what you have done. Of course, you tried it before midnight and were lead to an error page.

But now, wherever you are, whoever you are, whatever you’ve done, you sit here in the dark, your face illuminated by the light of your screen as you shakily type in the strange link. You are lead to a page asking you to submit an anonymous username to enter the site, and the password given to you in the email. It warns that tonight will be absolution and drowning in guilt, salvation, and destruction. Oh, and did I mention the ‘winner’ has been promised cold hard cash from the mysterious sender? Are you ready for this?


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As she sat in her dorm, looking around to make sure none of her roommates were around, the young student felt a slight jolt of fear that shook her. Perhaps she wasn’t being careful enough. With the nature of the email she’d received- she simply could not risk being caught. Not with the nature of the email she’d received. She shut her laptop, and silently made her way out of her dorm and towards the library, taking a quick break to check her watch (11:57PM) and walked briskly, keeping a lookout for anyone who might be out. Aside from a frat party along the way though (she’d cringed and walked faster upon hearing a catcall from it), her route to the library was devoid of people. She entered, avoiding the few students frantically cramming for midterms on the desks, and skimmed past the shelves until she reached the one farthest from people. She settled in the corner and debated putting in earbuds to make herself seem busy, but didn’t want to be distracted by music if anyone were to come across her. She put her earbuds in, but didn’t turn on any music as she entered the strange link into her browser with shaky hands…

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She sighed as she checked the time once again on her laptop screen (11:56PM) as she held the phone close to her ear. It was getting dangerously late. “Yes. No. I said have it to me by Thursday, and I mean Thursday, Jensen. I don’t have time for this. Goodbye.” She hung up the phone briskly and sighed as she drummed her nails on her desk. The company building was empty, only security guards were around at this time and herself. She’d considered taking her last call of the night and dealing with tonight’s pending business from home, but something about being here, at her desk, made her feel a strange sense of power, as if she had control over whatever would come. She typed out a few curt emails to others as she waited for midnight to arrive. She checked the time once more. 11:59PM. She reopened the original email and reviewed it, going over her plan in her head. She would do as it said from her spare laptop, in case the link contained malware of some sort, and would try to end whatever was happening as quickly as she could, but not before ensuring her secret would be safe. After that, she would go home and perhaps make herself a cup of tea before sleeping. She checked the time once more. Midnight. She entered the mysterious link into her browser with confidence, taking a deep breath…

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She sat in the corner of her apartment as she scrolled through a copy of the textbook on her laptop. She reloaded gfcwyza.txim once more at 11:58PM, slightly confused when an error page came up. She definitely hoped whatever this was would work by midnight- she would do anything to keep her secret to herself though, no matter what tonight brought. She sighed. She could not, she would not let her secret be released, and if it was, she would do whatever it took to hide it once more. She clicked the email she’d received once more, feeling nothing but further determination to best whatever this was as she read every detail of her secret and the vague rules of whatever this was. 11:59. She reloaded gfcwyza.txim once more. Still an error page. She opened an app that’d show her the time to the second and counted her way down to midnight. 34…33. Counting to midnight felt strangely as if it were a new year. Under any other circumstances, she’d have smiled at the irony. 12…11. She reloaded one more time. Still an error code. 3…2…1. She reloaded the page…

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She sat in the office of her house, alone with a PC and feeling a bit silly and rather tired and bored. It was 11:52PM. Eight more minutes. She glanced at her houseplants and decided she may as well water a few- she certainly had the time to and the philodendron was seeming a bit dry. She hummed to herself as she filled the watering can shaped like a little bird that the church priest had given her for Christmas (she claimed to adore it and used it daily, though in reality she found it an idiotic and pointless thing. A watering can was a terrible gift, and the shape of it served no purpose- a regular water can would do the same job.). She finished quickly and checked the time. 11:56PM. Still four minutes. She drafted a text about the upcoming church social, edited it, and saved it to send at a decent hour. She yawned, feeling more tired than she should’ve though she knew she needed to stay awake. She made herself a cup of green tea and came back, smiling when she realized it was finally midnight. As she entered the link, slightly nervous but absolutely determined to do whatever it took, no matter what to preserve her secret, she took a sip of her tea…

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He sat in his room, playing a video game, mentally cursing at each misstep. C’mon, c’mon. He furiously typed messages to his teammates, his fingers moving across the keys at lightning speed. “Dammit!” He yelled when they lost the game. He checked the time. 11:58PM. Two more minutes until he had to face the asshole who’d sent that strange email. His eyes glanced to the side of the screen when a new message popped up. Sorry. Can’t track that link- whoever sent it is good. He groaned. He’d asked an in-game friend to try to track the email’s sender, clearly for nothing. He truly didn’t know what to expect from tonight, just that there was no way it could be good. He thought about what the email’s sender had known (and how they could’ve known it) as the clock shifted to 11:59PM and the seconds continued ticking by. Finally, it was midnight. He entered the link into the browser of the PC in front of him, cursing his slow internet…

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She checked her watch as she briskly walked into her house, realizing that the surgery that had gone longer than she’d anticipated had left her cutting it very close in terms of time. Almost too close. It was 11:52PM as she washed her hands and grabbed a bottle of water. She sat down and reread the email for about the millionth time, trying to pick up on something she might’ve missed before? What if the sender went to the police with her secret? Did they have evidence? How did they even find out in the first place? Did other people know? Was the person her sister? She groaned, realizing that there was so much she didn’t know about that could be going on with whatever this was, and she didn’t like it at all. She checked the time on her phone again. 11:58PM. She typed the link into her browser. Error page. Two excruciatingly slow minutes later, she reloaded the page…

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She lay down on the bed in the corner of her room, watching anime and eating a snack out of a brown paper bag. She was sprawled across the bed as she watched the screen intently- tonight was the season finale and it was getting good. She’d hoped she’d timed this right- she’d hate to have been late to whatever that strange email told her would happen at midnight. Suddenly, she gasped as the green haired girl on screen was stabbed. She rewound the video to make sure she’d seen it right. “No!” She threw her tablet at the wall. There was no way they’d just killed off her favorite character. She seethed- and now she’d have to wait another eight months for the next season to air. She fumed with rage. Damn show. Damn producers. Damn script writers. Aiko was CLEARLY the singular selling point for the show and they’d killed her. The world was full of idiots. Her phone’s ringer went off and she frowned. “What son of a-” She froze when she saw it though. It was the alarm she’d set for midnight. Still shaking, she entered the link in her laptop’s browser…

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As the night progressed, she found herself in the same position, on an office chair in the house, her feet on the chair and her head resting on top of her knees as she stared at the same screen she’d been staring at for the past fifty-two minutes. It was 11:52PM, and she was still rereading the same email. They knew her secret. Whoever the hell this mysterious sender was knew her secret. The very thought was enough to send shivers up her spine even still. She stood up and checked for the twelfth time that night if her sister was definitely asleep (she was) before returning to the chair and the email. The damn email. She wasn’t fully sure what she’d do- her sister needed her, even if what she’d done was terrible, she couldn’t let it get out. Not to anyone. She’d spent the last fifty-nine minutes now trying to find a way out of whatever would come next, but to no avail. She watched as the clock ticked its way to midnight before listlessly entering the strange link into her browser…

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He checked the time on his watch as he typed out an email for work. 11:45. In fifteen minutes, he would reload the page he already had left open with the strange link, and he would have some fun. He carefully reread the email he’d received, being sure to memorize every little detail of it. He wanted to know as much as he could about tonight, and he read every word, every phrase, every comma with the utmost caution, trying to dig up an advantage, a flaw, a weakness, something that would give him the edge tonight. Once again, he tried to get through the firewall that obscured the sender’s identity, finding no entry just yet. He frowned. Whoever this person was, they were good. But not quite good enough. He would find a way to get through, a flaw to manipulate. He always did. But right now, it was exact seventeen seconds to midnight, and he smiled as he sat up a little bit straighter in his office chair. The second the clock hit midnight, he reloaded the page…

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Hello ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. I notice nine of you here. That’s unfortunate, but I suppose we can begin anyway. It seems like all of you have the email open. Do you truly believe it will provide you with any advantage?

I suppose I will review the rules anyhow. It seems like all of you have had a little trouble following rules, to say the least.

All of you have done something, somewhere out there that you are not proud of. Tonight is about confessing your sins and freeing yourself from your guilt.

But I don’t expect any of you to have altruistic motives. Not after what I’ve watched you all do. The best retelling will have one million dollars wired to his or her bank account. Try to expose my identity any further than you already have, and all your secrets and your identity will be revealed. Every. Last. Detail. Same goes for if you lie about, euphemize or embellish your secret. I don’t believe there’s any way for me to make myself more clear.

I’m turning on messaging permissions for all of you and stepping back to moderate this. Welcome to the best night of your life. And best of luck to all of you, Confessors. You may begin when you’re ready.




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