Cadance's recommendations


salem & lev by stormy (3 episodes)
butterfly effect by lany (14)
max & robin by kelsey (38)
i need a therapist by clementine (13)
paper planes by lina sofia (16)
legally clueless by charlie cee (27)
unlock my heart by ria (26)
my manhattan fling by millie.s (12)
greetings from california by zaphkiel (8)
riptide by KYLIE (10)
somewhere along the way by coni b. (6)


the blacksmith by emily renae (45)
think twice by piccalilly (20)
the bucket list by sophie m. (31)

feel free to recommend more and i will add to the list



  • Eclipsis by Victoria Masina
  • The Devine by Girly
  • Lilith’s Cord by Nis
  • Bloodbond by Kheyr
  • The Homecoming Game by Jojo Y
  • Homecoming by MJ
  • Folk Devils by Michaela Jordan/ M Jordan
  • Sprint by Licorice
  • The Infected by Caitoriri
  • Behind The Wall by Khrema
  • Lost Half by Martini
  • I * beeping * hate you! by Daxa
  • The Wrong Side of Time by Blanca
  • Asunder by Alysia
  • Fabulous in Fat by Britte
  • Act of Vengeance by Rosenspitze
  • Read My Lips by Ellie
  • The Triangle by Ladybird
  • The Pregnancy Curse by Dr Smile


  • Home Wrecker by Joriemar
  • The Game by Amber J
  • Finding Emerald by Sarah Kieser
  • Austentatious by E R Gurney
  • The Wall by J Miley
  • When The Last Petal Falls by Lorenbeth
  • I Married a Millionaire by Earlgrey
  • The Dragon Bride by Earlgrey
  • The Stars Have Colors by Shahar
  • Mindreader by Alusza
  • Times Square by Janine Dela Cruz
  • One of the Girls by Amberose
  • Sinful Summer by JJ
  • Envy by Cindy Gaultier
  • The Marriage Counselor by Joriemar
  • The Arrangement by E R Gurney