Caden's background shop open

Hey yall this is my background shop i will make some and find some the ones i find i will give you the name to credit them


Do u draw backgrounds, or do you look them up then give them to ppl?

Do you have a website or IG where you show your work?

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I can draw them if you want me to draw one DM me on my insta or on here insta is @epi.keira08

I’m sorry but i don’t but all my work is free i have done this type of thing for people but they were my friends so i don’t have anything professional to show it off

So do you give us backgrounds for free? Sounds interesting…

Yep and i can give overlays and stuff like that i make some and can find them with credits of course

I wanted 1 bedroom, 1 bed from top, 1 hallway, 1 office, 1 doctors office, 1 OT Background for now, can you give it to me?

yep i can do

So can you do those,

Till when will you give me, there no hurry you can take your time…

Yep i should be able to give them to you in a few days
like 3-5 days

Ok, thanks :blush:

do you have any example of a background you have made @cadenwrits to show how they looks like

I’d really like a bedroom background with bed and blanket overlays so that I can actually put the character in the bed…maybe there’s already one out there? I tend to have to just do a close up of the bed, but sometimes that’s just not what I want. Not sure if I’m explaining this well…