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Heya guys!! I’m doing a cover/splash art shop. If you need a cover or splash, you came to the right place!! My covers should take 1-2 days. (Depending on the time and what I’m doing that day, but I’ll try be as quick as possible! :kissing_heart: If you’re interested, please fill out the following details!

Cover Details

Story Name:
Author Name: (Optional)
Character Deatails: Hair, Hair color, eyes, eye color, ec
Character Outfit:
Character Animation:
Story Style: e.g (Limelight or Ink)
(P.s I can only do small covers, so far)

Splash Details

Splash Details
Splash Info: e.g (Turn up your volume!!)
Character & Details: (Optional)
Character Outfit:
Author Name: (Optional)

Art Scene Details

Character Details:
Character Outfit:

Caela's Cover Examples

Caela's Splash Examples

Caela's Art Scene Examples

Emi's Cover Examples

Emi's Splash Examples

Thats all thanks a million babes :kissing_heart:

Waiting list:

  • Cartoon_Lover1, 3 splashes (ll)

  • aelyna, cover (ll)

  • Skyler, art scene

  • Elia_Mary, cover (ll)

  • E221_Mc splash (ink)

  • slipandslide, 3 splashes (ink)


HEY, can I request a splash please? :slight_smile:


Sure thing xx


Okay, here are the deets:
Splash Info: Mature Themes and Strong Language
Character & Details:
Fem details:
Hair: Beach Waves, Black
Skin: Tan
Eyebrows: Seductive Arch
Mouth: Classic, Bordeaux
Eyes: Upturned Feline, Blue
Nose: Button
Character Outfit: Same as your example/ a blue and grey version
Background: A grey brick wall
Author Name: (Optional): Can I have the title, Secrets Are Meant To Stay Hidden and all letters to be spelt in blood?
Animation: Flirt_wink_forward

Thank you! :smiley:


What face shape?


Oh, soft heart :slight_smile:


@Katiel Also would you like tattoos or freckles??


No thanks


Np :kissing_heart:


@Katiel Will tomorrow be ok?
I’ll start today but it’s kinda late and I’ve got school…


That’s fine! I have school as well and I’m just about to sleep :sleeping:


Alright thank you :heart:


Hi I finished sooner then expected.
I have two options for you please choose the one you prefer :blush:

If there’s anything you wanna change, you know where I am :wink:
Hope you like them :heart:


I love them! Tysm!


Np :smile:


@Chelsea1304 It’s here :slight_smile:


Ya I found it . Just going through it. :slight_smile:


Sure :smile: