Caela's Art Shop ☺ *OPEN*

Sure :smile:

@CaelaM your art is AWESOME!!!

@Liqingluv Tysm!! :heart:

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do you think you could change the theme of this room to black and white PLEASE ? i have been looking for this for hours or do you have any recommendations (app wise) that i can use to make it myself ?


By black and white do you mean like a filter??

Hello everyone!!
I’m gotting to be adding a new topic on art scenes if you’re interested :wink::innocent:



Hello everyone, you may know me from my art shop, if not hey I’m Caela :wink:
I’ve decided to start making art scenes :smile::tada:
If you’re interested, please enter the following details!! Thanks :heart:


Character Details:
Character Animation:
Props: (Freckles, piercings or tattoos)

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i’m sorry it’s not related to art scenery but i was seeing if you could make an overlay for me ?

of the dresser and the wall above it

Sure, I never did overlays, but I’ll try

Here’s your overlay…
I hope I did it right :sweat_smile:

Thanks for requesting :blush:

thank you so much!

No problem :wink:
Please tell me if there are any issues I’m happy to help!!

Can I request a cover?

Np :blush:
Sorry for the late reply btw

Sure :grin:

Scratch that, I would like an overlay.
I need some flame Overlays.
My character can wield fire…
Anything works

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Alright, I’ll try :wink: