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can i have the background of the edit plz?
(so it mach’s i forgot to specify the bathroom sorry )


Thank you so much!!!


Yep of course!!
Here you are:


No problemo


thank you very much




Thank you xx


Also sorry @MariaMcc, @epy_van.writes, @Art3Miss and @KateB_episode for taking so long, but you know school and Christmas got in the way… I’ll hopefully get all the requests done by Sunday maybe longer maybe shorter so if you want to cancel your request and ask somewhere else I don’t mind but please tell me!! Thanks for reading, and sorry again


It’s okay :smile:


No problem! Take your time! :kissing_heart:


Totally fine :yum:


I love this art shop so…


Thank you all :kissing_heart::smiley:


@MariaMcc How’s this?

P.s: Sorry for the long wait, I hope it was worth it :wink:


@epy_van.writes Hello, I’ve finished your first splash…
Sorry for the long wait, so instead of 3 I did 5! :joy: (I’m so stupid)

Here they are anyway…

If you need anymore of these later on, please lemme know! :heart:


Omg it’s amazing


When you reopen may I request a cover, will give credit~
Story Name: Poisoned Love
Author Name: Kezzey
Character Deatails: girl (mc) dirty blonde hair, same hairstyle as the one in my profile pic, dark eyes, boy (love interest/bad boy) black hair, black eyes and slicked back solid hair
Character Outfit: boy in a suit and girl (mc) in something professional
Backround: wall as I wish the mc was being pinned against the wall with one arm by the boy who’s smirking.
Character Animation: girl can be nervous or just looking at boy
Story Style: e.g (Limelight or Ink) limelight

thank you so much for doing this <3

if this is hard as a cover, an art scene would be fine too!


Of course I’ll try help you, but as you said its a hard cover, but I promise I’ll try my best! Because I do love a challenge. . Please be warned the wait may be super long! Since I’m super busy irl as well. One of the reasons all the other requests are taking so long.


Aw thank you, what do you think about the eyes, are they ok? Because I kinda removed the pupil and drew my own :sweat_smile:


Hey for the second splash, does your character not have pants?