Caela's Art Shop ☺ *OPEN*



Awesome, when do you think it’ll be done?


I’ll try do it tomorrow, since your request is quite simple.


So basically, you want me to add things thst woukd go with the story on the cover?

Sorry I don’t really get it :sweat_smile:


Ok cool! thanks!


What hairsyyle do you want in your edit, there’s no surfer hair?




And are you going to draw it or whatever? Or are you going to just put contour?


@CaelaM hey, when do you think you’ll have the cover done? :slight_smile:


I can’t draw it sorry but I’ll add contour and shade the skin, maybe edit the eyes. Idk whst do you want


No idea, btw is there an animation for the pose you want or is it custom?


I’ll might draw the arm or smthingm it won’t be the best tho… Sorry :sweat_smile:


That’s what I meant, ok!


Also can you make her eyes very glossy and shiny? And a chocolate brown?


yes… if it is possible :slight_smile: thank’s :slight_smile:




Awesome when do you think you’ll be done?


I understand it could take a while, but this is for my profile picture,


I can do it now if you like :blush:


And it’s part of my story


I’d love that thank you

Also can you credit yourself?