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So it WAS intentional. That was a great idea~


Hi, if you’re still taking requests, can you do a cover for me?

Story Name: The Online Boyfriend
Author Name: GalaxyUni
Character Details: I’ll send you pics :wink:
Story Style: Limelight
Extra Info: So for the cover can you do two sides? On the left side can you do the MC (girl) being mean to the boy? And for the right side can you do the same MC falling in love/flirting?

Thank you!


Small cover
character details:

skin tone: copper 02
brows: arched natural
hair: long straight loose solid (black jet)
eyes:deepset upturned wide (brown dark)
face: round puffy cheek
nose: round buttom
mouth: full heart potty (peach gloss)

skin tone: copper 04
brows: furrowed raised s
hair; long top messy curls (black dark)
eyes: oval wide (brown black)
face: chiseled angular
nose: bottom wide
mouth: full lower lip sharp (rose light nude gloss)

What pose you would like them to be in: pareja

The background you would like playa

Your story title: MI PRIMER AMOR

Author name: Pocahontas

For the large cover i would like the same background with the title and author name on it please.


Hey, I noticed you also requested on Happy Helpers, therefore your request has been denied. I’m super sorry but I’m not wasting my time making you a cover whilst someone is also doing the same


OMG I LOVE THIS THANK YOU SM! :hearts::hearts::hearts::hearts::hearts:


No problem :wink::two_hearts:


could you do me a splash aswell? x


Yep no problem


okay could I have one that says turn up your volume but with like a flowery background or something? x


Yeah, no problem. Do you want it from me or @Emi664?


Hey, Caela can you draw me a splash?
This is the background:
Image result for Plant next to grey corner sofa in african living room interior with poster and pouf. Real photo

On the splash can you write Welcome back to Hunting For You, and can you make another one that’s the same but has the words See You Next Time! I don’t mind what font, just put one that fits for the splash.

There will be three characters: ARIA, DANY, and IVY. All characters will be looking forward, ARIA will be in the middle and have her arms on the shoulders of the other two characters and she will be smiling. DANY will be on the left and she will be laugh_chuckle, IVY will be on the right and she will be laugh_giggle.

Can you draw them so that it shows half of their bodies and it’s kind of close up, kind of like the 2nd splash in Caela’s splash examples.

Eyes- round classic, color- Auburn
Nose- soft natural
Lips-classic, color-terracotta
Hair- straight, color- chestnut
Eyebrows-thin soft arch
Face-soft heart
Skin color-olive




Can you also make me another splash?
The background is the same as the other one:

Near the top can you put the words: This story contains sounds and music!
Can you put DANY on the left next to the coffee table? ARIA should go in front of the coffee table near the front of the background. And IVY goes to the right of the coffee table near the fireplace.
The splash should show the full body of the characters (idk if this makes sense), they will be posing like this:

And on the bottom right there is a black and white striped block/chair thingy near the fireplace can you put the panda on top of it? Thanks!

Can you also put the Ikea symbol on the left arm of the panda


I cannot draw it, sorry but I could do it without drawing it?


Yeah sure thats fine


Splash Details : I want three different splashes if that’s ok with you. And I was wondering if Emi is available to do it for me.
Splash Info :

This story uses sound. Turn up your volume!!

This story uses mature language/strong themes (whichever best works for you)

This story uses advanced zooms. Tap slowly!!

Character & Details :


Skin tone: olive

Eyebrows: defined natural

Hair: Beach wave (cayenne color)

Eyes: upturned luxe (brown color)

Face shape: oval

Nose: upturned

Mouth: blossom lips (rose color)


Skin tone: tan

Eyebrows: thin arch

Hair: short cropped (black color)

Eyes: deepest piercing (auburn color)

Face shape: defined triangle

Nose: button

Mouth: uneven (terracotta color)

Character Outfit :

Chris: school uniform blazer, school uniform pants, school uniform shoes

Olivia: school uniform blazer, school uniform skirt, school uniform shoes

Animation/Pose :

Sound – Olivia is head_bob with headphones and Chris is dance_club_loop

Mature language/strong themes – Both of them are talk_angry_defensive and are censored

Advanced zooms – Both of them are arms_crossed

Background :

I want this background for all the splashes but I want the sky a bit darker.

Author Name : Jiya Patel


Hi caela i have a question you can do my request? I don’t recieve any reply to my post!

Thanks and good evening


Ok perfect I’ll start on them tommorow if that’s fine with you :kissing_heart:


Oops I’m super sorry, I forgot to reply to your request :sweat_smile:
It has been accepted btw


Yep :grin: