Caela's Art Shop :) *OPEN*



Just send the details :heart::smile:


Hi Caela

Can I make a request


Of course you can!!


Splash Details
Splash Info: INK plz, and can I have it saying, “Bang Bang!” and “That’s my gang!”
skin: olive
eyes: upturned bold, auburn
nose: elven
mouth: full round, scarlet
brow: seductive arch
hair: black, diva curls
skin: honey
mouth: uneven, toffee
nose: button
eyes: deep set piercing, green
hair: black, short cropped
brow: medium sharp
Character Outfit:
male: red and black shoes, ripped black punk pants/jeans, leather jacket
female: plain sheer leggings, black zip up bra, maroon jacket, maroon military style boots

please, and thank you!


The backround you want is blurry and it won’t appear great in the splash, so if you want to either change thebackround or I can blur the backround completely. For example:


Can you keep it as it is, if it doesn’t work then I will find you a different one.
thank you!


Okay then :smile:


thank you!


It’s a pleasure to help!!


Hey Caela
Can you do limelight too





@Auriane Heya, sorry it took awhile but here’s your art scene!!
If you want anything changed please leme know :kissing_heart:
Sorry about the arm I tried editing it myself…


Hey Skyler!! I just wanted to let you know I’ll be starting your request tomorrow, too tired today :sleeping:


Oof. It’s so beautiful, thank you!!!


Aw thanks!!
Do you want anything changed? :blush:


I think it’s really awesome. But could you please take of the rose? If it’s on the same layer as the hair, you don’t have to.


Yeah ok, I thought it looked off too lol :joy:




Here it is (it took like 2 seconds lol)