Caela's Art Shop :) *PAUSED TO CATCH UP*



can i make a request for two art scenes @CaelaM


Omg there beautiful!!! I’ll take the first one! How should give you credit?


Although, it’s not letting me use because it’s too big. May you please make it smaller?(640*1136)


hey can you resize a background for me please?

I tried to upload it but it said it was only 1600*1000
let me know if you can help… Thanks…


Hey! @CaelaM
Can I request a splash?


Ofc you can!


Aw oviously!


Yep ok!


Just CaelaM also, I’m really sorry about the sizing! I’ll fix that right away


Which one do you want to use?


Splash form 1 @CaelaM
Splash info: Episode Number: for example, Welcome back to episode 2. I want at least 3.
Pose info:

First Character
Skin : Rosewood
Hair : Beach Wave Hair
Hair color : Black
Eyes : Upturned Feline
Eye color : Brown
Eye Brow: Defined Natural
Mouth: Classic
Mouth color: Rosewood
Face shape: Oval

Outfit info:
Moon Necklace
Clear Wayfarer
Black Boho Bracelet
Bleached Denim Jeans
Black Halter Basic
Black Beach Day Skater shoes

Story Name : Partners in Crime

Two Authors:


Splash form 2 @CaelaM
Splash info: Thanks for Reading!
Pose info:

Skin tone : Honey
Hair: Beach Wave Hair
Hair color : Black
Eyes : Round Bold
Eye color : Brown
Eye brows : Seductive Arch
Mouth : Full round
Mouth color : Bordeaux
Face shape: Oval

Outfit info:
Diamond Heart Necklace
Thin Clear Circular Glasses
Orange Boho Bracelet
Brown Chelsea Boots and socks
Brown and Red Long Sleeved Striped Bomber

Story Name: Partners in Crime

Two Authors:


Heya, just so you know I’ll be making your request today!!


About the jpg part, do you want me to make the backround separate and the splash info separate like an overlay?

And then you can place the splash info overlay and make your character run in and do the animation? Then it turn into the actual splash where it’s the exacty same (but with shading and all)
Sorry if this doesn’t make sense…


Ofc I can help, what size do you want it??


@CaelaM do you do LL or only Ink? If you stated that before so sorry, I might have missed it.


I do both, although I only have one example for LL…


Could I possibly see it?


Yep, just a sec


Here you go :blush: