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Please tell me the details whenever you’re ready!!


ok i want my character in a flirty pose with the warning this contains mature themes
And i want another on that says it uses sound with the girl wearing headphones

this is what my author charater looks like


Sure thing :smile:


Hey boo, do you mind if I do one now and the other later?? Sorry I’m really busy. Xx


no i dont mind at all


Hey @coolgirl44 I just finished one of your requests, I’ll work on the second right away!! But if there’s anything you want me to change, please let me know. Xx


Here ya go xx

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And here’s your second xx
Again if you want me to change anything pls let me know :sparkling_heart:


Here ya go

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Hey there! Me… again… sorry?

Could I request a semi-cover/art scene. I was going to use it as a cover before but would now like to use as a splash without words. I guess that makes it sound like an art scene? But it’s not! I’ve made the writing as an overlay.



Character Details:





Character Pose:
I would like her to face left. I’m not really sure how to explain this, because it’s a mix of several different poses. I would like for her to be idle_sit_legs_up from waist down. I would like for her face to be laugh_chuckle. Or some sort of laughing/smiling/happy face. From waist to neck is complicated. I’d like for her spine/back to be straight. On her lap, she has a kitten that is curled up and sleeping (and head on the left side so that we can see it). Maybe one like this (but not exactly):



She has a cat on her lap and her hands are stroking it. I’m not sure what pose this would be, it might need to be a combination of different poses. There are several good limb (overlays) folders that people have made on google drive. A bit of creativity on this.

Would it be hard (there are some light shafts) to have them on her face? Not blindingly bright, but slightly visible. There are some bumps in the hay. Depending on where she is placed, they could become an overlay to cover her a tiny bit. Since she is sitting in hay and making an indent. A little contouring would be great. Maybe she could have some hay on her lap or in her hair.

Sorry if it’s complicated. It can take a while, I don’t have an upcoming deadline.

Thank you!!!


Ofc!! It might take awhile though…


Thanks! And I have time.


Can I request a splash, please?