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Do you want me to credit you as CaelaM, or do you have insta?


CaelaM is fine!! Btw what’s the name of your story? Is it Aim, Shoot, Kill or another??


No, it’s that one.


Because I’d love to check it out! :kissing_heart:


Is it published?


No, not yet. I’m sorry, I am so so so so slow at coding…


It’s np! Same with me :sweat_smile:
Sorry if this sounds creepy but do you mind telling me when your story’s out, I’d really love to read it! :sparkling_heart:


Alright, I will!


Sorry for being creepy :sweat_smile:


Okay. Thank you so much!


thank you


Hey, @CaelaM Thank you for waiting for me sorry I took so long.
Story Name: Good Vs. Evil
Author Name: Vanessa love

Character Details:
Girl: You
Boy: Oscar
Boy: Max

Skin Tone:
YOU: Rose 03
OSCAR: Rose 03
MAX: Rose 03

YOU: Long Wavy Parted Hair
OSCAR: Short Shaggy
MAX: Wavy Messy

Hair color:
YOU: Black Dark
OSCAR: Black Dark
MAX: Black Dark

YOU: Deepset Almond
OSCAR: Deepset Downturned
MAX: Deepset Downturned

Eye color:
YOU: Brown Light
MAX: Violet

YOU: Arched Short
OSCAR: Round Medium
MAX: Round Medium

Eyebrow Color:
YOU: Black Dark
OSCAR: Black Dark
MAX: Black Dark

YOU: Round Button Upturned
OSCAR: Button round
MAX: Button round

Face shape:
YOU: Heart Soft
OSCAR: Diamond soft
MAX: Diamond soft

YOU: Full Heart Pouty
OSCAR: Medium Hert
MAX: Medium Hert

Mouth color:
YOU: Pink Deep Gloss
OSCAR: Fair Rose Matte
MAX: Fair Neutral Matte

Character Outfit: I am going to post them.

Background: Can you chose for me, please
Character Animation: Can you chose for me, please

  • Max and Oscar are enemies

Story Style: Limelight


This is their outfits and how they look like thank you.


Heya Skyler :blush:
I have finished your request!! If you want anything changed please lemme know, and yes, I did have to change the backround because the quality wasn’t the best, I’m really sorry. Anyways, here you go xx
Hope you like it :smile:

Also, sorry for the delay, I was busy with school work :sweat_smile:


that’s fine also could you make it a little clearer. thank you so much!


What would you like clearer?


Hey! could I please request a splash?


SPLASH INFO: This story contains mature themes and strong language
skin: Tan
eyebrows: smooth arch
hair: Chestnut Diva curls
eyes: Brown upturned feline
face: soft heart
nose: refined
mouth: Scarlet classic
CHARACTER OUTFIT: Melissa%20Hill%20edit2
ANIMATION/POSE: flirt_wink
BACKGROUND: Black with red mysterious smoke (if possible)
AUTHOR NAME: Melissa Hill


Could you blur the background and make the character clearer like the example you showed me?
please, and thank you.


May I request a cover page?