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The end of flirt_fingersnap, please.


Ok :blush:
It might take a while because I have loads of requests


That’s okay, thanks for accepting my request! :grin:


No problem :grin:


Hey can I request a cover? I don’t care about the wait:)


Of course you can girl :heart::grin:


@Kmayber I hope to get quite a lot done today :joy:
So hopefully it shouldn’t take to long


Ok! I will send the information now!


Thank you xx


So I want the girl to be standing around reading, and the guy with the black hair to be hugging her from behind to read with her. Then I want the guy with the red hair to be off in the distance sadly watching them (he is not an ex lol), not watching in a creepy way though. He is the girls long lost brother lol
Anyways here is their pictures and features:


Skin - Light
Eyebrows - Defined natural
Hair - Beach waves, Auburn
Eyes - Upturned bold, green
Face shape - Soft heart
Nose - Soft natural
Mouth - Classic, blush

Boy with black hair

Skin - Tan
Eyebrows - Think arch
Hair - Short cropped, black
Eyes - Classic almond, purple
Face shape - Defined Triangle
Nose - Button
Mouth - Uneven, taupe

Boy with red hair

Skin - Light
Eyebrows - Medium sharp
Hair - Boy bun, Auburn
Eyes - Deepest gentle, green
Face shape - Defined triangle
Nose - Button
Mouth - Uneven, blush

And for the background, make it like an office or something. (If it’s a big room put the red haired guy in the back, small make him watch through a window or something lol please) Thank you so so
This took forever to write btw lol


@Kmayber Of course :heart:
Btw, whats the story name? :smile:




Oh of course I forgot that part lol, it’s Best Seller


Ok, thanks babe :smile:


@Vanessalove Hey Vanessa!! :heart:
Your cover is ready… This is my FIRST ever Limelight cover so its not the best… But I’m quite proud of it!! If you want anything changed please lemme know!! :kissing_heart: Thank you for requesting!!


Here it is :smile:

Thank you for requesting!!


It okay don’t worry about it


It so beautiful thank you so much. Thank for taking your time to do it for me. God bless you and thank you @CaelaM


can i make a request?


Aw, of course! :blush:


You may :smile: