Caela's Art Shop :) *PAUSED TO CATCH UP*



I’m just now noticing but the title is Vendetta


Story Name: Paradise Cove
Author Name: Eclipse
Character Deatails:

Character Outfit: What they’re wearing
Backround: A beach with a sign above it that says Paradise Cove
Character Animation: What they’re doing
Story Style: Comedy

If I could get one that would be great!


Hey! Caela M! I know I’m kinda late but can I request a cover please! It will be a blessing.


@Lina_A It’s ok :smile::heart:

@haven.episode Yeah! I’ll add you to the waiting list :sweat_smile::heart:

@RonnieJ Aw, ofc you can! :kissing_heart:


Hey I’ve finished your splash, I’m so sorry for taking so long. I just got kinda busy… If you want anything changed please lemme know!! :kissing_heart:


No its perfect. Thanks so much!


Can i request a splash ?


Aw np!! :heart:


Yep :smile:


Hey @Lina_A Which one do you prefer?


Or this?


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Thank you so much??
But why did you get flagged? :confused:


Hey, What is your Instagram account so i can credit you?


Hey! Sorry to seem impatient, but I was wondering about when you think my request would be ready?


I don’t have instagram, just credit CaelaM please! :smile:


You’re not impatient! And um, I’ll try get it done tomorrow or Tuesday, sorry somerging came up. Xx


It’s ok! Thank you!


Hi, ik it’s been a while, but what are the character outfits?
Btw if you don’t answer within an hour, I’ll have to do your request tomorrow


Hey sorry, I will send them now!

Girl Outfit:

Guy with black hair

"Guy with red hair