Caela's Art Shop :) *PAUSED TO CATCH UP*



Its ok


As much as I hate to say this, I’m unable to complete your request today, although I shall try make it tomorrow early in the morning…


It’s ok! Thank you!


@Kmayber Hello, sorry for your long wait, your covers done!!
Here you go :grin:

If you want anything changed please lemme know!!
Thanks for requesting! :smile:


Oh my god I love it!!! It looks sooo beautiful!!! Thank you sooo much! Do you have I stagram so I can credit you?


I’m glad you like it!, but no I don’t have insta so just credit CaelaM please!! :wink:


Ofc! I’d love to xx


@Skyler23 Hey girl!! I finished both of your requests!! Xx


Art Scene

If you want anything changed please lemme know!!
Thanks for requesting :kissing_heart::blush:


Hey @haven.episode I finished your story cover!! If you’d like anything changed please let me know!!

Thanks for requesting! :kissing_heart::heart:


Hello, you need to send the details if you want me to do your splash!!


Great let me pm you the details x


Of course


Thank you so much!!! You are amazing!!! :heart_eyes::heart:


do you do art scenes


May I request a splash?


Yep :blush:


Ofc hun!


Splash Details
Splash Info: This story contains sound and music make sure to turn your volume up!

Character details:
Skin: Tan
Brows: Seductive Arch
Hair: Beach Hair Wave (Platinum Blond)
Eyes: Upturned Feline (Green)
Face shape: Oval
Nose: Elven
Lips: Full Round (Scarlet)

Character Outfit:

Animation/Pose: head_bob

Backround: I was hoping you could make it as an overlay( a jpg)? So that I can like code it to look like its sliding onto the screen if you know what I mean? If you can’t make it as an overlay(a jpg) I’ll just send the background after <3


can i request a splash?


can request a two art scenes @CaelaM