Cafe background needed


I need some backgrounds

  • one is the cafe on the outside

I would like the cafe to look really modern styled and has a sign that says Maci’s

  • one of the inside of the cafe

I would like the inside of the cafe to look like a calm place with big glass windows and a beach behind the window.

if more detail needed just tell me


do you still need it? I can make one for you


could you make the inside cafe thing?


maybe, what do you want?


@Jessica.C how many zones do you want?


what time of day?


3 zones and a more modern styled cafe with white wall and golden chaired chairs and table


ok i’ll do my best but i’m an amature so…


both day and night


is it okay if the chairs are stools?


yep, that’s alright



I’m sorry (they suck), I tried my best


It’s alright


thank you


i dont need credit