Cafe Background


Hey if it’s not too much trouble could any find a unique cafe background I don’t really like the one on episode and I can not find one that really fits my story


I can definitely help would you like me to create one, if so send me the details. Or try google or Pinterest sometimes they have something available.


It would be amazing if you made one for me. I would like there to be a register in the background some tables in the background too a window or two please. :slight_smile:


Ok cool, it will be done in about 2 days max!


Thank you so much this will be so helpful! Do you have any social media so I can shout you out?


Here you are! Sorry, it took awhile you can shout me out at SocialButterfly with readerMessage when you use these backgrounds. And you need to use simple image resizer to resize these backgrounds.

Simple Image Resizer Link