Cafe help with backgrounds

does any one have a background where the other chair is faced. idk how to explain it but an option where one of the characters aren’t rear.


Talking about those chairs?

i want a pov of this chair


One way of doing it is having the character talk in the far back and use the first one for a pov?

do you have an example of it ? or i can show you who’s pov i want (i can show the preview )

Screenshot 2023-02-01 153855

I need her pov

The way I would do it is zoom in enough where the other set of table isn’t in the view then when the other character you circled talks, spot direct them to the other table and so forward

In my first story I used the same background and just zoomed in after the narration

Yeah but im trying to find where in this case the male is not rear but im able to see him from the front

@Marysol.Episode are you able to help ?

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Hmm I’ll see what I can do, I might be able to make a flipped version of this.

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Okay ty :blush:

Okay this is what I came up with for a second view, I just flipped it lol but I also changed the wall décor and added a cute plant, here’s an example with my watermark, if you like it I can send it over without the watermark and the overlays.


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YESSS its exactly what i was looking for!

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Great! I’ll send it to you!

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That’s such a good idea :joy:


haha thank you! :blush: :sweat_smile:

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