Cafetaria at school problem

I use background INT. CAFETERIA TABLE OL - DAY

I want 4 people on the table and seeing them all 4 at the same time but that does not work.
What do i have to do to make them have a conversation all 4 the same time.
Because that background gives place for 4 but you see only 2
the spot direction is done. I think it has to do something with zooming… but i don’t know ho.


It’s likely due to pans. The background is made up of two zones, split in half. Therefore, there are two seats in zone 1, and two seats in zone 2. To enable conversations you can use @cut, or @pan. :smiley:

ok i will try and iff someone who has here face left in zone speaks to someone in zone 2 she has to turn her face
when do i do that before or after the cut.

Here’s an example to perhaps better explain it.


@CHARACTER1 stands screen right in zone 1 AND CHARACTER1 faces right

@CHARACTER2 stands screen left in zone 1 AND CHARACTER2 faces right

@CHARACTER3 stands screen right in zone 2 AND CHARACTER1 faces left

@CHARACTER4 stands screen left in zone 2 AND CHARACTER2 faces left

And then, when a character in the opposing zoom needs to talk, simply do:

@cut to zone 2 (or 1)

CHARACTER3 (talk_sit)
I love pizza!

And, you do that before the cut, to imitate her turning and make it visible!

The scripting for that is…

@CHARACTER1 faces left

CHARACTER1 (talk_neutral)

@CHARACTER1 faces right

CHARACTER (talk_shrug)
Hello, to you as well!

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thanks :kissing_heart:

Glad to have helped. :smiley:

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