Caitlin’s Art Commissions [OPEN]

bump! 2 slots left

Hello? Are you available?


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some more examples done within the last month or two :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



my turnaround is on the shorter end atm so now is a good time to contact me! <3

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bump <3

Hi, so I need both a large and small cover. I’m not quite sure what I want so if I describe the story could I get a quote for it please?

So the story is called Falling, its for the Open Mic contest and its about these two characters Gemma and Callum in their mid 20s who were childhood sweethearts but split up at 18 when their lives were heading in different directions. The first couple of chapters will be about their lives now, before they meet again (I’m thinking at the end of chapter 2) and then after that it will be about them as they connect again and will follow their love story.

These are two images I’ve seen of yours that I really like and as I don’t think I could afford large and small cover full body covers, could I please get a quote for a cover in these two styles:

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for the first piece it would be £21 - head-waist
and the second £33 - head-knees

send me a dm if you’d like to discuss more details or if you need the quote in a different currency <3

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bump! examples updated!

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Hai can i request a cover :blush:

of course. just send me a message and we can discuss (:

Kk! :DDD

hi guys! just to let you know i’ll be putting my prices up slightly starting next week due to me loosing out because of exchange rates changing. it’s not going to be a crazy price increase but this week would be ideal if you were thinking of commissioning <3

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new prices below :point_down:

if i’ve already sent you a price estimate it will stay the same :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Would you be able to add a canadina dollar option? :slight_smile:

here you go :))

headshot: $16
bust up: $24
head waist: $31
head hips: $39
head knees: $47
full body: $55

(not including the paypal transaction fee)

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Thank you!!

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bump (: