Cake’s art shop 🍰 [OPEN]

Hey! And Welcome To…

Aloha! To Request Plz Read Everything! :revolving_hearts:

  1. Please be patient I have a personal life. If your request get accepted then I’ll do it no need to worry!

  2. Do not rush me after an hour of accepting your request I mean if it’s been a long time you haven’t got your request (probably not gonna happen) then you can ask me!

  3. Do not be rude! I insist if you don’t like your request then tell me but in a respectful way!

  4. No thread hopping. Please as an artist and editor I don’t like putting time on something that you won’t use. And if I find out your request will be decline!

5.You must credit me by my Instagram @coco.artt

  1. I only take upto 2-3 request at a time! But if it’s like only a character card or anything edit I can accept more but drawn only 2-3. Now if my waiting list is full you’ll be put on hold that means you’ll be on it soon but if I have too many you’ll have to wait or ask in another art shop!

  2. I have all right to decline your request if it’s too difficult or if it’s something I don’t do.

  3. Please put the password Cake so I know you read all the rules! And don’t forget to blur it!


Character Card


For the outfit and characters there’s no examples!


I only do Ink
Character Details:
Edit or Drawn:

Character Card

Ink or LL
Name (optional):
Character Details:
Animation From The Portal (optional):


Ink or LL
Body Color preference,Curly Or straight hair,Gender,etc
Theme Of The Character (Original,beach Fairy,etc)


Ink or LL
Theme Of The Outfit


Ink or LL
Character details:
What do you want it to say?:



Happy Requesting!


Hey! Can I request a character card, pls?
Hre r my deets

Character Details-
Hair-Straight, Fawn
Eyes-Upturned bold, White
Nose- Elven
Brows- Defined natural, Terracota
Skin- Honey

Pose- Any

Outfit- Any crop top with denims, maybe?

Vibe- Night, Cool.


Pass- Cake

Please read the rules carefully!

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Whoops sry! im sorta new and didn’t notice that I had to put a password too :grin:


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Hello, can you please book me?

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Character Details:
Face: Woman: Copper 2, arched natural ginger red, strawberry blond long ways loose bangs sideswapt, deep set false lashes smokey eye hazel, diamond defined contour, defined natural, full round pouty pink peach medium matte

Outfit: Ripped Shorts Denim Oxford Blue, Thin Heart Earrings Metal Silver, Spaghetti Strap Off Shoulder Long Sleeve Shirt Cotton Grey, Pull Tab Yellow Stitched Rubber Heel Boot Matte Leather Grey White, Locket and Choker Necklace Metal Gold

Hello you want a character card?
And please read the rules carefully!

Yea I want character card

Okay please read the rules you forgot something!

Oh sorry I want pfp and what did I forgot?

Check last rule!

Oh and password Cake

Um so you want a pfp? And your characters is in limelight?



Your request is rejected as I do not do pfps in limelight you could have seen it in the forms :slight_smile:


Thank you for requesting come by if you need anything else! :revolving_hearts:

Your request!

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Hi, I would like to request a character card!
Password: Cake

Ink or LL: INK
Name (optional): Hermione
Character Details:


• Body: Porcelain
• Brow: Thick Flat
• Hair: Long Feathered
• Hair Color: Black
• Eyes: Upturned Bold
• Eye Color: Brown
• Face: Oval
• Nose: Upturned
• Lips: Blossom Lips
• Lip Color: Scarlet


• Super Goth Shirt
• Goth Girl Skirt
• Goth Girl Boots
• Small Fishnets
• Key Necklace

Background: EXT. MG DINER - NIGHT
Animation From The Portal (optional): eat_pizza

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Hey @pqstiche

Your request is accepted! I’ll start your request tomorrow morning as it’s late here💞

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Sure! Take your time :cowboy_hat_face:

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